ACID BATH-What A Drag demo
O.k., before I start getting hate mail... this is NOT the Acid Bath you're thinking of. This band was around in the mid to late 80's and were from New Orleans, and is not the same band that came from down da bayou in the 90's. (Contrary to popular belief, the latter Acid Bath was NOT from New Orleans, but from the Houma/Thibodaux/Morgan City area)
Anyway.. this band featured Kevin Thomas (Floodgate) on bass, Brad on drums and I don't remember the guitarist/vocalist on this demo. This was released in '85 I believe.
Somebody Castrated My Dog
American Pervert
Spread Eagle
Way To Go
Newborn Corpse
Voices In My Head
Authority Sucks
Crotch Itch
Diseased Between The Knees
Psychopathic Killer
Better Off Dead
Final Thoughts
Banana Road
Doar Ananab