Brain Dead-unreleased demo (1988)
I got a copy of this demo from my friend Nathan Besse, who went to school with one of the guitarists. I didn't really like this band back then, and I totally forgot that I had dubbed it on the b-side of the tape that had Exhorder "Get Rude" demo on it until I checked it recently. Now that I listen to it, they weren't totally horrible.
Brain Dead only played a handful of shows, one of which I remember being Shell Shock's first or second with Kirk Windstein in the band at Storyville Jazz Hall, and another being with Catch 22 at Teaser's Teen Club in Metairie.
I don't know who was in this band, but do remember seeing one of the guitarists in Mounting Tension, and the bass player went on to play for Cap'n Meathead.
The Dead March On
Brain Dead
Warriors Of The Wasteland
I Want To Go Home