Graveyard Rodeo-Realms Of The Undead demo (1984)
THANK YOU TC! I finally got another copy of this! I lent my original copy to someone years and years ago, and I never got it back.
This is fucking Graveyard Rodeo! You can hear the origins of the New Orleans sludgey/doomy hardcore sound here in "Brains On The Wall" and "Behind Enemy Lines". I believe the lineup here was Perry McCauley-vocals, Lee-guitar, Tommy Scanlan-bass, Wayne "Doobie" Fabra (aka Ivan)-drums
Bad Seed
Don't Let Them Stand In Your Way
Brains On The Wall
I Wanna Rot
Graveyard Rodeo
Behind Enemy Lines
Child Of Hell
Nuke The Nation
Drop Dead
Rigor Mortis