A Collection Of Louisiana Punk 1980-1983
Aces 88-Character
Mandeville Mike-Me
Manic Depressives-Not Worth The Time
Manic Depressives-Think For Yourself
Red Rockers-Dead Heroes
Red Rockers-Red Star
ShellShock-Execution Time
ShellShock-My Brain Is Jelly
ShellShock-Your Way
Shit Dogs-Raw Meat
Shit Dogs-Reborn
The Sluts-Cunning Linguist
The Sluts-Head Hunter
The Sluts-I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
The Hostages-Time To Change
The Models-Fire Patrol
The Swingin' Millionaires-The Cannibals Next Door
Toxin III-Hardcore Wing Ding
Toxin III-Middle Class
Toxin III-Numb
Wayward Youth-Do You Wanna
Wayward Youth-El Mundo (Is A Weirdo)
Wayward Youth-Thinkin' Bout You
This is a compilation of various Louisiana punk mp3's that I had on my harddrive. A lot of these come from the NO Questions, No Answers compilation (Vinyl Solution, 1980)

This also includes the entire Shell Shock "Your Way" and Wayward Youth "El Mundo" e.p.'s

Aside from Toxin III (who were from Lafayette) and the Shit Dogs (who were from Baton Rouge) all of these bands were from New Orleans

The Sluts' vocalist was considered for the spot in Black Flag after Dez switched to guitar, but obviously Henry Rollins got the job.

Yes, the Red Rockers used to have a sound similar to The Clash before their 15 minutes of fame on MTV with the "China" video.