Lymph Vessel-'96 demo
Lymph Vessel were the heaviest band to ever come out of the Westbank.
A little back story here... Between '92 and '96 I missed out on a lot of what was going on in the NOLA scene between moving around a bit, and being married to someone who wasn't supportive of any of my hobbies or interests. I left the wife, moved to the city did some couch surfing and soul searching and found out that some friends of mine from high school (Chris and Buddy) who were in a band called Presto (here is a song of theirs called "Wrong Rights" it's all I have.. don't ask for more...)had a new band that was creating quite a buzz around the scene at the time.
The lineup on this demo is:
Buddy Sadenga-vocals
Chris Hebert-guitar
Aaron Terrebonne-guitar
Dave Raines-bass
Johnny Ledet-drums

and this is what they sounded like....
Primo V-Monster
First Class Mail
Mule (Beat'n A Dead One)
Limp Vessel
Heart Of A Cow