The Way It Was MP3 Mix Vol. 1 (80's NOLA metal/punk/hardcore)
Acid Bath-Rope
Armed Response-Man Created Equal
Blatant Frustration-The Plan
Catch 22-Suicidal Life
Chaos Horde-Revenge
Destitute Savior-Dreams So Unreal
Elimination-The Change
Exhorder-Ripping Flesh
Eyehategod-Run It Into The Ground
Graveyard Rodeo-Let Us Prey
Incubus-Blind Vengeance
Mass Corruption-Midlife Crisis
New Religion-Fourth Estate
Nuclear Crucifixion-Hallucinating Hatred
Red Army-Fight For Equality
Shell Shock-Your Way
Shell Shock-Garbage Can
Shell Shock-No Holds Barred
Shell Shock-Whites Of Their Eyes
Shell Shock-More Gore
Shell Shock-No Tomorrow
Soilent Green-Mad Scientist
Suicidal Overdose-The Sadist

Acid Bath: Chances are this isn't the same band you're thinking of. This is the New Orleans punk band that was around in the mid-80's. This song is from the "What A Drag" demo('85 or '86 i believe). Not sure of the entire line-up, but I know that Kevin Thomas was on bass/vocals and Brad was on drums/vocals.

Armed Response: Mike Dares-vocals, Mark Harrell-guitar, Gary Mader-bass, David Beach-drums. This song is from their "Mad At The World" demo ('89)

Blatant Frustration: Another band that I'm not sure of the entire line-up, but Jimmy Bower plays drums on this. This is from a rehearsal tape from '87 that was passed on to me.

Catch 22: Catch 22 was Brian Civello-vocals, Brian Peterson-guitar, Ted Ochoa-bass, Skip Stire-drums. This is from their "Grown In The Gutter" demo ('88).

Chaos Horde: John Sanchez-vocals/guitar, Mike Fiser-guitar, Paul Cooper-bass, James Fogle-drums. These guys were from Baton Rouge. This song is from their '86 demo.

Destitute Savior: Lawrence Nodier-vocals, Mark Dubisson-guitar, Cliff-guitar, Eddie-drums, not sure who played bass for them in this line-up. This is from their '89 demo.

Elimination: Scott Walle-guitar/vocals, John Rincon-guitar, Jeff Weibelt-bass, Bryan Hebert-drums. This is from their "Process Of Elimination" demo ('89).

Exhorder: Kyle Thomas-vocals, David Main-guitar, Vinnie Labella-guitar, Andy Villaferra-bass, Chris Nail-drums. This song is from their "Get Rude" demo ('86).

Eyehategod:Mike Williams-vocals, Jimmy Bower-guitar, Steve Dale-bass, and I can't remember the drummer's name who played on this recording. I think Mark Shultz played guitar on this as well. This song is from their "Lack Of Almost Everything" demo ('89).

Graveyard Rodeo: The lineup on this recording is Perry McCauley-vocals, Lee-guitar, Pepper Keenan-guitar, Tommy Scanlan-bass, Wayne "Doobie" Fabra-drums. This is from the "Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man" demo ('87), which was later re-recorded and released on Century Media Records in the early 90's, but this song didn't make it on the album for some reason.

Incubus: Scott Latour-bass/vocals, Francis Howard-guitar, Moyses Howard-drums. This song is from their "Supernatural Death" demo ('87).

Mass Corruption: Gerry Laborde (aka Jheri Macgillicuddy)-vocals, John-guitar, Greg-bass, Scott-drums. This song is from an unreleased demo recorded in '89 I believe.

New Religion: Marc Brignac (aka Marshall Black)-vocals, Joe-guitar, Scott Williams-bass, Gary Hebert-drums. This song is from their "Freaks Unleashed" demo ('89).

Nuclear Crucifixion: Glenn Rambo-vocals, Brian Patton-guitar, Donovan Punch-guitar, David Moran-bass, Darren Schallenberg-drums. This song is from their "Torture Of Humanity" demo ('88)

Red Army: Mark Albers-vocals, Steve Wilson-guitar, Ian Miller-bass, Jon Bleyer-drums. This song is from their "Misspent Youth" 7"('89).

Shell Shock: Shell Shock existed from 1980-1988.
The line up on "Your Way" (from "Your Way"7" ('81)) is Greg-vocals, Hatch Boy-guitar, Scott Oz-bass, John-drums)
The line-up on "Garbage Can" (from "Lost And Found" cassette ('83)) and No Holds Barred (from "No Holds Barred" 7" ('86) was Greg-vocals, Hatch Boy-guitar, Scott-bass, Goner-drums.
The line up on "Whites Of Their Eyes" (from "Whites Of Their Eyes" LP ('87)) is Greg-vocals, Hatch Boy-guitar, Chris Fonseca-bass, Goner-drums.
The line up on "More Gore" (from "More Gore" LP ('88)) is Greg-vocals, Hatch Boy-guitar, Mike Savoie-bass, Jimmy Bower-drums.
The Line up on "No Tomorrow" (from the unreleased "No Tomorrow" LP ('88) is Kirk Windstein-vocals/guitar, Hatch Boy-guitar, Mike Savoie-bass, Jimmy Bower-drums.

Soilent Green: Glenn Rambo-vocals, Brian Patton-guitar, Donovan Punch-guitar, Marcel Trenchard-bass, Tommy Buckley-drums. This is from their '89 demo.

Suicidal Overdose: Lawrence Nodier-vocals, John Farrell-guitar, Jeff Weibelt-bass, Chris Vamvoras-drums. This is from their "We Don't Care What You Think" demo ('88).

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