Here is what was happening in New Orleans between 90 and 94:

The Way It Was MP3 Mix Vol. 2 (90-94 NOLA metal/punk/hardcore)
Crawlspace-Rise Against
Destitute Savior-Vomitory
the Detrimentz-Your Time Has come
Drag Link-Symbiosis
Exhorder-The Tragic Period
Flesh Parade-Sense Of Madness
God Awful-End Of It All
Hangnail-track 2
Infant Slug-The Blossom Rots
Infection-Welcome The Infection
Infernal Aggression-Scumbag
Kurnel-Self Sacrificial
Malignant Minds-Malignant Minds
Mule Skinner-Smothered In Flesh
New Religion-Black Plagues
No Destination-Big City Man
Paralysis-Human Refuse
Penalty-Dry Rivers Bleed
Rude Awakening-Dance Of The Leatherface/Birth Of Evil
Severance-Painting Murder
S.I.K.-Individualism Feared
Skab-Shapeless Thorns
Soilent Green-Summons
Sudden Relapse-Virtual Reality

Crawlspace was:
Mike Williams-vocals, Kevin Bond-guitar, Jeff Durio-guitar, Craig Cazabon-bass, Joe Fazzio-drums.
This is their only studio recording, which was released on the Voices Of A Red God compilation (1990).

Destitute Savior was:
Nino Negri-vocals, Mark Dubuisson-guitar, Jared Chaisson-bass and Rob-drums.
This is from their "Exhumed" demo (1993).

The Detrimentz were:
Donny Saucier-vocals, Andre Karst-guitar, Eric Morris-guitar, Miguel Rincon-bass, Alex Ducros-drums.
This is from their "Face Reality" demo (1990).

Drag Link was:
Doug Hanson-vocals, Jon Caradona-guitar, James Roundtree-bass, Henry Kliebert-drums.
This is from their "Liquid Chicken" demo (1993).

Exhorder was:
Kyle Thomas-vocals, Vinnie Labella-guitar, Jay Ceravolo-guitar, Andy Villaferra-bass, Chris Nail-drums.
This is a demo version of "The Tragic Period" that I taped off of WTUL. This version wasn't released. I'm not sure if this was recorded in '89 or '90... I just wanted you to hear this.

Flesh Parade was:
Blake Balu-vocals, Joe Millioto-guitar, Duane Marcel-guitar, C.J. Pierce-bass, Todd Capiton-drums
This is from their "Meathook" demo (1991).

God Awful was:
A.J. Spicer-guitar/vocals, Andrew Gros-guitar, Jimmy Spicer-bass, Mike Delaup-drums.
This is from their "End Of It All" demo (1993).

Hangnail was:
Ben Falgoust-vocals, Michael Howes-guitar, Ben Marrs-bass, Todd Capiton-drums
This is from thier '92 demo, which I'm not sure was ever really released.

Infant Slug was:
Jake Frieze-vocals, Mike Chaisson-guitar, David Gamble-guitar, Stewart Douois-bass, Jeremy Falgoust-drums
This is from their "The Mind Sung Red" demo (1994)

Infection was:
Jason Siren-guitar/vocals, Joe Arseneaux-bass, Dwaye Thomas-drums/vocals
This is from their "Epidemic" demo (1993)

Infernal Aggression was:
Andre Karst-guitar/vocals, Ed Clevenger-guitar, Joey Badeaux-bass, Keith Bowman-drums.
This is from their "Inner Conflict" demo (1993)

Kurnel was:
Brian Jeffrey-vocals, Jon Caradona-guitar, James Roundtree-bass, Henry Kliebert-drums.
This is from their "Up!" demo (1994)

Malignant Minds were:
Danny Nick-guitar/vocals, Durel Yates-guitar, and I'm not sure who else was in the band.
This was recorded on a boom box that was on one of the tables at the Jefferson Lions home during the Vomit Spots gig.

Mule Skinner was:
Bobby Carney-vocals, Michael Howes-guitar, Tony Salisbury-bass, Damien Howes-drums.
This is from their "Stripped Of Flesh" demo (1992).

New Religion was:
Marc Brignac-vocals, Joe Couteaux-guitar, Jeff Durio-guitar, Scott Williams-bass, Gary Hebert-drums.
This is from their '91 demo.

No Destination was:
Lawrence Nodier-vocals, Scott Guion-guitar, Jeff Weibelt-bass, Bryan Hebert-drums.
This is from their "Telecaneph" demo (1990)

Paralysis was:
Ben Falgoust-vocals, Galito-guitar, Miguel Rincon-bass, Rick Williams-drums
This is from their "Plegia" demo (1990)

Penalty was:
Kyle Thomas-guitar/vocals, Stephen Fischer-guitar,Kevin Thomas-bass, Neil Montgomery-Drums
This is from their '94 demo. I believe Jimmy Bower actually played drums on this recording.

Rude Awakening was:
Chris Jewett-vocals, Michael Howes-guitar, John Rincon-guitar, Tony Salisbury-bass, Damien Howes-drums
This is from their '90 demo

Severance was:
Jason Pilgrim-vocals, Rene Perez-guitar, Brian Kaz-guitar, Duane Marcel-bass, Rick Simmons-drums
This is from their '91 demo

S.I.K. was:
Chris "Pig" Poleto-vocals, Mike Reed-guitar, Bobby Bergeron-guitar, A.J. Spicer-bass, Al Pitre-drums
This is from their '90 demo.

Skab was:
Mike Dares-vocals, Jason-guitar, Miguel Rincon-bass, Alex Ducros-drums
This is from their "Restrainer" demo (1992).

Slugs were:
Kirk Windstein-guitar/vocals, Kevin Noonan-guitar, Todd Strange-bass, Jimmy Bower-drums
This is from their '90 demo

Soilent Green was:
Glenn Rambo-vocals, Brian Patton-guitar, Donovan Punch-guitar, Marcel Trenchard-bass, Tommy Buckley-drums
This is from their "Squiggly" demo (1991).

Sudden Relapse was:
Andre Karst-vocals, Danny Guidry-guitar, Joey Larsen-guitar, Jesse Dover-bass, Ross Sandoz-drums
This is an from an unreleased demo recorded in 1992.

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