Here is the "New Orleans Scene:Allow No Downfall" compilation released in '91 on Frontline Records (which kind of disappeared after this was released). Some interesting facts about this:
The S.I.K. song was being recorded while the first strike against Iraq during Desert Storm was happening.
This was the only Detrimentz recording with Rod Miller on bass
The Slugs song is the only recording with this lineup, featuring Wayne "Doobie" Fabra (of Graveyard Rodeo, and later Christ Inversion and Necrophagia fame) on drums.
This was the 3rd time that this Soilent Green song has been recorded; once on the Nuclear Crucifixion "Torture Of Humanity" demo, and again on the Soilent Green '89 demo.

S.I.K.-World View
The Detrimentz-Brainwashed Society
Slugs-Waiting In Silence
Soilent Green-Circle Of Death