From Soilent Green-'89 demo:
Soilent Green-Hatemonger
Soilent Green-Mad Scientist
Soilent Green-Soilent Green
Soilent Green-Apparitional Intruder

From Voices Of A Red God compilation:
Soilent Green-Spirit Of The Earth
From Soilent Green's '91 to '93 demos:
Soilent Green-Pieces
Soilent Green-Pot Head
Soilent Green-Summons
Soilent Green-Deformed
Soilent Green-The Monolith
Soilent Green-Giant Intestinal Parasite
Soilent Green-Papsmear
Soilent Green-Worship Our Mangled Savior
Soilent Green-Waiting For Times To Change
Rest In Peace, Glenn. I miss you, brother.