Various Artists-Voices Of A Red God (1990 Saturn Records)

This release documented what was going on in the Texas metal scene in 1990, along with 2 New Orleans bands: Soilent Green and on the cassette version, Crawlspace (the vinyl version didn't have Crawlspace or Basilisk on it). For the time being, I've ripped this entire cassette as one track.
(click track list for mp3)
Track List:
Dead Horse-French Fry
Social Deceit-Camps Of Death
Sufferance-Welcome To Your End
Academy Black-Seven Views
Soilent Green-Spirit Of The Earth
Pendulum-Atrocity Sin
Crawlspace-Rise Against
The Morbid-Blinding The Eye
Lunacy-Everything, Everyone, Everybody
Acridity-Whisper Of Reality
Dark Reign-Cynical Minds
Squadryn-Civil Slaughter
Criminally Insane-The Way I See
Basilisk-Wasted Life