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Reviews from Paranoize #18 (Winter, 2003/2004)
Graveyard Poetry
I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
O.k., this fuckin sucks horribly. I gave up on stoner rock a long time ago (if that’s what people are labeling this retro garbage still.) It figures, this label with the stupid name is a division of Century Media Records out of Germany and of course as usual, they are cashing in on a trend way after the fact. They did the same thing with the Century Black imprint. I guess this is their idea of a “sick” label name and pseudo-70’s hard rock cliched shit cos they think this is where it’s at now. I’ll be honest, I don’t know where the fuck “it’s” at, but it sure ain’t in this rehashed piss-water. Salvage maybe two or three riffs, but kill the singer. (by Michael D. Williams)

Adolf Satan
demo 2003
This is Josh from Anal Cunt and Larry Lifeless from Upsidedown Cross (and a couple of other guys) playing raw, stripped down sludge in the vein of early Eyehategod. The vocals are nasally at times, switching from a scream to a moan to a whine, but there is no set standard for sludge vocals. Overall this is repetitious, it’s obnoxious, and I fuckin’ love it! (BB)

Metal. No pretentions sub-genre (thrash, death, black, etc.) bullshit, just METAL! Sure there are elements of all of the above mentioned styles blended it, but in a nutshell, this is a straight-forward metal band with sometimes brutal, other times melodic riffs and vocals that range from clean melodies (which works wonders in this new material) to harsh screeches to gutteral growls. I’ve heard 2 of their previous demos and I must say that this is, without a doubt, their best material yet. The addition of a 2nd guitarist and the new, enthusiastic drummer add loads to their sound. Fans of At The Gates and Opeth take note. (BB)

Armour Of God
3rd Stone
Threefold Records
This is Johnny Morrow’s post-Iron Monkey band featuring Sean “6 string” McDuggan and Marvin “Taffytwat” from the VArukers and this bitch blasts holes in buildings with the power of an L.A. bound fueled airplane. Johnny did do another band after Iron Monkey called Murder One who equally disrupt the foundation in a different style, but something about Armour of God just messes the listener up, donsidering that Johnny died with that power untapped. Complete unbreached Britished hardcore with a unashamed Infest worship in parts and breakdown Boston mosh destruction in others. Mr. Morrow’s voice is both ragged and refined, the pride of Nottingham he was, too young to die. Armour of God also features Iron Monkey’s Justin Greaves, who is by far one of the UK’s most brilliant drummers. “Ripped in Half”, the cd opener, might as well be a can opener on yer forehead. Morrows next project, My War, came together without him. That’s a whole ‘nother story altogether. Bottom like; 3rd stone is set on inter-planetary bombastation.(by Michael D. Williams)

Automatic Mind Command
This is Durel Yates’s (Suplecs) solo project, with Paul Webb (Spickle/Dulac Swade/Mangina) on bass, Pat (ex-Second Hand) on drums, and Mike Dares (Hawg Jaw) doing vocals on a few songs. For the most part, this sounds like Suplecs with Hawg Jaw‘s vocalist.... heavy “stoner” rock with hardcore vocals. Live, Paul plays 2nd guitar, Chad (The Scripts) plays bass, and Mike screams his ass off on all the tunes.(BB)

Beaten Back to Pure
The Last Refuge of the Sons of Bitches
Retribute Records Whiskey drinkin’ stuff breakin’ heavy southern doom rawk! I’ve been listening to this a lot since I got this! Ben does more with his vocals this time around (the boy can sing!) and the music has more of a Southern rock feel. Fear not! They’re still as heavy on this album as on Southern Apocalypse; just a bit more diverse. (BB)

Bhopal Stiffs
Harmless Records
This is mind-numbing and boring for the most part. If I had NEVER heard early hardcore, this might make an impression in 2003 and I’m sure they have their fans that warrant putting all their previous releases out on CD, I just ain’t one of ‘em. It reminds me of being 14 and checking out bands at the Rose Tattoo or Jed’s on Oak Street. Back then I would’ve had no choice but to dig this as there wasn’t a hell of a lot that we let get by us. Throw in a live set from Chicago and some rarities and the Bhopal Stiffs freaks go nuts, all fifty of them.(by Michael D. Williams)

2 tracks here. Combine Today is the Day and Isis, take away the “artsy” (I’m sure there is a better word I could have used...fuck it) element to both of the bands, and you have Blackwater. Good, heavy, evil shit!(BB)

Bonaparte Lagarde & The Conquerors
Raw upbeat punk with angry vocals. Of course listening to the demo, you don’t get the full effect of the costumes and between-song banter that makes their live set so entertaining. Check them out next time they’re at Dixie Taverne (they play there enough to be considered the house band) and bug them for a demo.(BB)

Cancer Patient
demo 2003
2423 Annunciation New Orleans, LA 70130
This band’s sound is along the lines of Damad and Rwake with a hint of Neurosis with two vocalists (one with a low grunt/yell, the other a high screech/scream). This is not pretty. Dark and doom-y metal with hardcore/crust overtones.(BB)

Count Our Numbers
Bridge Nine
Old school hardcore..gang choruses,...etc. Done well, but, done many many many times before. As with every other Bridge 9 release that I‘ve heard, Where Fear And Weapons Meet comes to mind when I listen to them. Though, I’d rather listen to 10 bands that play this style of hardcore, than 1 bad “metalcore” band.(BB)

demo 2003
Ex members of Icepick Revival doing the instrumental thing. They sound like, well, Icepick Revival without vocals or bass. Tight, intricate music with chaotic riffs mixed with mellow ambient sections. The tracks are a bit lengthy (3 songs/ 30 minutes) but don’t get repetitious. (BB)

Crank Yankers
Volume 3
Comedy Central
This is the 3rd collection of prank calls as seen/heard on the popular Comedy Central TV show. Funny stuff if your’e into Jerky boys style comedy. (BB)

Cripple Bastards
Desperately Insensitive
Necropolis Records/Deathvomit Records
Anoter desperately insensitive prolific grind band, this time from good ol’ Italy. They toured here last summer and came nowhere near here; what’s new? They are my favorite band of this genre as they are really more hardcore in structure. Sure, there’s blast beats galore all over your face like a jagged brick. One thing is, the vocals have variety, kinda like if old cripple bastard himself, Ben Falgoust sang in Italian using his patented vocal patterns to switch back and ‘fro from grunts, Jap screams and 8’s East Coast hardcorps actual pronunciation. These boys have out a million releases, and they have evolved from a full on noise act to more stench and death metal. This, their latest release, has an interesting story about the cover.. long story short, an Italian Cripple Bastards fanatic took his 70+ year old grandmother to an old house in his city and made a photo album of him torturing her! It’s not known whether it’s fake or real, but with the great graphic design.. the blood, chains, cigarette burns, etc.. the end result is morbid and absurd as it gets. The granni is 100%into it and told them she’d love to do a video if it ever happens! Crazy fuckin’ Italians! Anyway, get this cd , as it’s a flawless example of personal/political Euro-grind with staying power and slaying power...(by Michael D. Williams)

Darkest Hour
Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Why this band gets lumped in the “metalcore” category is beyond me. Brutal, melodic thrash metal with harsh screamed vocals in the vein of At The Gates. There’s nothing here that’s much different than their last 2 albums, but that’s not always a bad thing.(BB)

Die Rotzz
Vol 1
This upbeat, energetic punk trio features two former Pallbearers. Nothing really out of the ordinary here... but this is very well done punk rock, with an emphasis on the rock. Tasteful guitar solos, and a beat that’ll get your foot tapping and head bobbing along without you realizing it. (BB)

Puttin Stuff in My Barn
This is a bit on the Mr. Bungle side of things, which can either fly or die with me really quick. I originally threw this in the back of the review pile and left it for dead, but Ramon (rat in a bucket) praised this band so much that I gave it another chance. With this type of music, I feel that 12 songs is a bit much for a demo. Their strongest material is in the middle of the cd, so at first listen, it just didn’t grab me. Fans of Mr. Bungle (which I am not much of) will dig this. (BB)

Drop Dead/Totalitar
Prank Records
Fuck yeah! Drop Dead do 6 raging hardcore tunes in 5 minutes! Blasting music and intense screams.
Totalitar are more straight forward crusty punk. 3 songs in the vein of Discharge. Good shit. Song titles and lyrics are Swedish.(BB)

Dukes of Nothing
War and Wine
Eccentric Man Records
This CD was coughed up from a bronchitis throat UNK spit so deep, you’ll swear you got emphysema. Cigarettes and sulfate (crystal meth to us Yanks) go real well with this eight song blaster monster. I fuckin’ love this band. Take the rawness of early (Everything In the Red) GG Allin mixed with Motorhead’s Rawk and Roll White Line Fever and you got a concoction here that’s as poisonous as lye and as headbangin’ as “Ace of Spades” period Lemm-ola. Songs such as the raging title track, “God vx. the Nuge”, “31st Round” and “Don’t stop for Red” never let up off the gas and double clutch them gears into a smokin’ mess. One tune, “Miss Fortune” even goes into a slight riff rip from “Bite it You Scum” by you know who. They who’re crowned Dukes pull it off in a pulverizing as shit Gun RUn, not unlike early 80’s L.A. Dogtown/Suicidal Stalwarts Beowulf, only somewhat rougher.Eyehategod had the pleasure of hanging out and playing with these guys last year and hope to bring ‘em over for a U.S. tour. By the way, you’d have no way of knowing, but these are members of Iron Monkey.
P.S. Extra points for the can of scrumpy Jack Cider in the El Duce Clones grubby paw in the insert.(by Michael D. Williams)

Eight Bucks Experiment
Volume Junky
Blue Moon Recordings A nice mix of punk and hardcore here. Very energetic, rockin‘, and fun, but avoid getting poppy. (BB)

M.H Records 36 Central Park Rd. Plainview, NY 11803
Holy shit this sucks. The bio described them as a cross between Depeche Mode and Napalm Death. I‘d say they’re a cross between a gallon of horse poo and a nude photo of Bea Arthur. Yeah.(BB)

Eternal Elysium
I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Same label, almost the same basic scheme, except this band is a tad more tolerable. I’m thinking they’re more original, but still in the stoner way. Vocals are super-hard to take. The guitarist has a warped sense of flair with the Iommi-wish. Not too bad. (by Michael D. Williams)

Sludge. I loved this band’s last album, “Hymns of Slumber”, but this one just fuckin’ shits all over it! Knuckle-draggin’, rock throwin’ sludge with some rockin’ moments here and there, but it always returns to a slow, dragging, rumbling down-tuned crawl. One of the best albums of 2003, hands down! Fans of High On Fire, Cavity, and of course Eyehategod will dig this. (BB)

As The Last Light Drains
I was never really into Earth Crisis, so when I heard that this band is 3/5ths of Earth Crisis, I was kind of apprehensive. But...I’m liking this! This picks up where the last Earth Crisis album left off, but with a lot more melodic vocal parts in the songs. Cross Haste and Snapcase and this is what the result would probably sound like. I like it. Your move. (BB)

The Weren’t
Wreckin’ Temples
Data Records
These two bands are connected in that jock-guitar, and Ross bassist for GBH join forces with Wakey and Pinch from another great early 80’s crossover band, the English Dogs, in The Weren’t and almost put both their original groups under the fuckin’ table. Wreckin Temples refers to drinkin’ booze in places like the chruch tavern, a local pub these Brits obviously frequent. Wakefield’s vocals and lyrics are distinct and make this album a treat. No metal crossin’ over anywhere on this, “Pig Dog Killer”, “Punishment Beating”, “Pink Lady” all put shithole lickers Sum 41, Blink 182 on the chopping block. These songs were written in 80-81(!) then released in ‘97 and re-released on CD recently. This GBH is not much to speak of, it’s better than some of their mid-period pseudo-metal crap phase, but to be honest “City Baby Attacked by Rats” was where I stopped caring. After that it was downhill. I’ll say at least this is catchier and has a few true old punk rock arse kickers done the UK way. (by Michael D. Williams)

Vs. Nature
no contact info.. FUCK!
This band just gets better and tighter every time I hear them. They’ve acquired a new vocalist and they’re playing a fine mix of death metal and grindcore with nice odd time changes and vocals that range from harsh screams to low growls. Those of you who didn’t stick around to see them when they played at Dixie Taverne with S.W.A.R.M. and Supreme Dispassion missed a damn good show (complete with an brawl between a band member’s girlfriend and a bartender). Check this band out fuckers! (BB)

The Goddamned
Promo Sampler 2002 CDR
Hells yeah! Taking influences from some of the more obvious sources, The Goddamned bring forth three offerings of big and burly doom rock. Don’t let the fact that this is a CDr and that the cover is photocopied fool you. For a demo, this has surprisingly clear and huge sounding production, particularly with that big-assed base tone. This reminds me of a wooly mammoths ballsack, both are huge, hairy, and swingin’. For some reason the vocalist makes me wonder what would Dio sound like if he had a more gruffier singing voice. I realize that probably makes no sense, but it’s a compliment nonetheless. This gave me a very serious case of Rocker Overbite (biting your lower lip and flaring your nostrils while nodding along, for uninitiated). I realize “kick ass” is probably a very overused phrase to describe a band, but for The Goddamned, what other phrase could possibly be more appropriate?! (by Alex Hudson)

Guyana Punch Line
Direkt Action
Prank Fast, in-your-face thrashy hardcore from South Carolina. I’ve been a fan of this band since “Maximum Smashism”, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.(BB)

Hammurd Shit
demo tape
Lately, it takes a LOT for a punk band to grab my attention. This band has done just that. Crusty, and at some points, thrashy punk with female vocals. At times this reminds me of Discharge with Antischism’s vocalist. Great stuff and I can’t wait to hear more from them, as this only has 4 songs on it and isn’t very long.(BB)

Pray For Death
Victory Records
Alright, combine Hatebreed with Sick of it All, and a bit of Integrity and you have Hoods. Nothing really new, but boy do they sound angry. (BB)

Let The Bad Times Roll
Very fucking impressive bluesy stoner rock (or whatever you want to fucking call it) with a bit of a southern swagger thrown in. Catchy riffs and vocals that bounce between crooning and screaming, depending on the mood of the song. Suplecs and Alabama Thunderpussy are good references. Dig ‘em! (BB)

Jesus Eater
Remember The Truth
Death Wish Inc.
I don’t know a hell of a lot about this one. It’s pretty frickin heavy as a matter of a fact, in a Clutch kind of way I suppose. Clear, understandable vocals barked out by a dog; McGruff takin a bite out of Christ (probably) style. I’d listen to this again. Middle paced hardcore and too short (4 songs). (by Michael D. Williams)

Jones’s Lounge
Heavy bluesy groove-laden southern rock! Melodic, throaty vocals and thick riffs. I guess I should also mention that this band features scene veterans Kyle Thomas (Exhorder/Floodgate), Kevin Thomas (Floodgate), Dax Thieler (Green Leaf Cult) and Tommy Buckley (Soilent Green), though the drums on this recording were provided by Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod/Down/etc.). I don’t see why this band can’t get huge with the right push. (BB)

Kevorkian’s Angels
The Sound of Modern Hate
Not Common
This band plays a chaotic mix of punk, metal and grindcore. Screeched vocals and crazy fast music with the occasional slow break. Excellent! (BB)

Knives Out
Deathwish Inc.
Knives Out bring home the bacon on this EP at 6 song in almost 10 minutes. Uptempo and occasionally jagged chording (augmented by occasional octave chording) is supported by solid drumming. This providing a foundation for the throaty screams of the vocalist as he expels a few frustrations, such as being behind broke, street brawls, the futility of the corporate lifestyle, the death of friends and a not-so-whiny song about hating yourself for not being able to get her back. Off the top of my head, Converge is the only band I can think of to make a reference to. The cover to this is beautiful, stark, shadowy and angular in black and a dark, grayish blue with a few details in embossed red foil. Inside features a messy collection of photographs with all the eyes scratched out of the faces. In spite of what I initially thought would be a bunch of modern hardcore clichés, I found Heartburn to be simple and quite effective. I wouldn’t mind hearing more form them.(by Alex Hudson)

The Low Budgets
Go For Broke CDR
Akhenation Music
Encased in a CDR with a full color computer printout cover, The L.B.s play some pretty snazzy garage rock (and I don’t mean like the current crop of popular bands being pegged under that genre like The Vines or The Hives either). I really dig this. They’re a four piece playing guitar, bass, drums, but with some really bitchin’ keyboards. The pace varies from some upbeat rockers to some slightly slower cruisers. This has just a touch of fun snottiness to it and is catchy as hell. The songs are kept short and sweet with 15 songs clocking in at little over half an hour. Production is lo-fi with some reverb and the tones are fuzzed out, perfect for this music as it helps capture the 1960s garage rock vibe. Think of classic songs like “Louie Louie” and “96 Tears” with a hint of a punk background and you’ll have an inkling as to what these folks are doing. Damn, I’m really diggin’ this. (by Alex Hudson)

Mala Suerte
Tales of Modern Alienation
8304 Franwood Ln. Austin, TX 78757
Mala Suerte hail from Austin, TX and play a mix of 80’s hardcore/thrash metal (D.R.I., Sacred Reich)with a bit of doom/sludge (Black Sabbath, Cavity)thrown in. The vocals are so fuckin’ pissed! Can’t say they have a fresh new sound, but they are damn good at what they’re doing. They also do an awesome cover of Black Flag’s “Nothing Left Inside” on here.(BB)

Halldor Laxness
O.K., I hadn’t heard this band prior to this album, and I really like this! A good mix of hardcore and metal with rock n roll vocals! Amazing! I saw these guys with Darkest Hour soon after I got this in the mail, and their set was comprised of older material, which had more of a metalcore sound and the vocalist did a lot more screaming than singing. I like the direction their going in on this one. Rock n roll baby! (BB)

None Dare Call It Treason
Preparing for the Quiet Wars
13414 SW 111 Terrace Miami, FL 33186
Fuck yeah! 4 songs of powerviolence/grindcore (and one noise track) from Miami, Florida. This is on a 3” cdr with a folded piece of paper for the cover, and it is honestly one of the of the best pieces of music reviewed in this issue! Violent, pissed hardcore! The 4th song on this, “All I Have Is My Shadow” starts out as a bluesy dirge, then becomes a lovely mess of putrid, vile grinding hardcore. Yep, I’m diggin’ it... (BB)

Outlaw Order
demo 2003 or
This band features 4/5 of the current members of Eyehategod, plus Marc Shultz (who played on Eyehategod’s “In The Name Of Suffering and Take As Needed For Pain”. So, the Eyehategod comparisons are inevitable. There is not as much of the southern rock influence in Outlaw Order, since Jimmy Bower isn’t in the band, but the sludgy groove that Eyehategod has patented, plus Mike Williams’s unmistakable vocal style is still there. So, in a nutshell, this is more amazing sludgecore from the same people that brought you Eyehategod.(BB)

Pennsylvania Connection
demo 2002
This was sent to me by Ben from Beaten Back To Pure, and this just ROCKS! Powerful, dirty, stoner/doom rock with a punk edge from, of course, Pennsylvania. Riffs that stick in your head and the gruff, aggressive vocals flow right alongside them. I hope this band sticks around long enough to put out more music, because this demo shows that they have damn good chemistry.(BB)

The Promise
My True Love
Death Wish Inc.
2 songs of Syracuse, New (Yawn) York modern hardcore, and you know what that means. Lots of crunching (riffs) and preaching (jerks). These guys would most likely hate me no matter what, but I dig this alright. Nothing new, as much as they want you to believe it is. Straight (and I mean straight) forward upstate NY HC that amazingly enough has its roots in Agnostic Front, although via Earth Crisis. Death Wish Inc. loves putting out these short ass discs, huh?(by Michael D. Williams)

This has an 80’s thrash metal vibe to it. Kind of like crossing Destruction with Boulder. Mid-paced, chucky riffs, flashy guitar work and harsh vocals. I hated this the first time I listened to it, but after a couple of listens, I was hooked. (BB)

Reaching Forward
Burning The Lies
Bridge Nine Records
Hailing from Holland, reaching forward bring us a fresh batch of their style of hardcore. This stuff is pretty straight forward, no metal, mosh, or math, just short, loud and fast. We’ve got 14 songs in a little under 20 minutes. This style (straightedge) is not something I usually go for, but this particular disc is so well done and energetic, that I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving it some spins in the future. Lyrics ain’t too preachy, either. Not bad at all, I say. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to jump around my room. (by Alex Hudson)

OldDirty Grindcores
2+2=5/Rotthenness Records
There was grind to the left of me, grind to the right of me, I’m neck deep in fuckin’ grindcore. This is a comp. of sorts, starting at demos from ‘91 up to unreleased studio sessions from 2001. This is pretty one dimensional but with intelligent, thought out lyrics (that you’ll never figure out). This Brazilian band is super prolifig, not as much as Belgium’s best, Agathocles, but close. There are 5 tracks on this disc, everything you ever needed for that grindcore spacewalk party you been talking about Bobby, I’m still working on clowns. I just can’t find any that play as fast as Rot. For those of you that keep track of these things, some of the other bands these splits come from ate Twisted Truth, Depression, Psycho, Mind Fart, 2 Minutes De Odio, Mesrine and the ever much played on VH1 Entrails Massacre! I give this one a 10 for raw production alone.(by Michael D. Williams)

The Scripts
Budget Rock demo
Fuck yeah! This is the baddest fuckin’ band in New Orleans! Hands down! Southern punk ROCK with ex members of the Headwoundz and Sour Vein. Tight as fuck, catchy music (complete with wailing guitar solos) and abrasive vocals with a bit of a southern drawl. Good shit! (BB)

This just floored me... Heavy, brutal hardcore with a good bit of sludge thrown in. Mean as fuck vocals and pummeling music. They have a new cd in the works as I type this. Hell yeah! (BB)

Seventh Gate
Cheap Sex and Painkillers
Satan Rock
More “Satan rock” from this Washington, D.C. quartet. A fine mix of grind and death metal with a slight Acid Bath influence in the vocals on a song or two. Great follow up to “None So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ”. (BB)

Skit System-Gra Varld/Svarta Tankar
Anti Cimex-Victims of a Bomb Raid
Distortion Records
Certainly right down my filthy piss smellin’ alley; Swedish D-beat damage from the place Discharge should’ve relocated to and pretended the eighties never happened. Leather, bristles, studs, and 3 chords about war and nuclear destruction. You cannot go wrong with this stuff. It still holds here and now in 2003. I could listen to Dis-Core ripoff bands and these 2 releases hpefully do the same to you. Sniffing glue, drinking cider and banging your cranium into bar tables full of empties. Thomas from At The Gates (Sweden’s death metal/hardcore polar vipers) was a member of SkitSystem for a few LPs and I think is doing a reunion LP. A tour would satisfy me to n o end. The anti Cimex LP is a classic and is notorious amongst crusty punks the world over, this “Victims” redrop also includes “This Fuckin’ System Is Like A Raped Ass”!(by Michael D. Williams)

Supreme Dispassion
Yes Lord We Will Shit With You and Painting The Scrotum With Lamb’s Blood
I’m reviewing both of Supreme Dispassion’s demos at the same time, because I got them both at once, and it’s my ‘zine and I can do whatever I want. This Mobile, Alabama trio plays progressive, jazzy rock with hilarious lyrics revolving around the theme of sacrilege. Short songs with intricate guitar and bass about preachers watching porno, taking your bible to the toilet while praying that you don’t shit blood and doves flying out of colostomy bags . Think Primus without that annoying bass player/vocalist guy. (BB)

Sworn In
Thank You For the Lies
Bridge Nine Records
Damn, cool looking CD, clear with a dead pretty girl on it (can’t see shit when it’s spinnin’ in the box though!). I might not sell this one, Bob! For real, this is newer hardcore, but it’s good and well done, some parts remind me of old (by old i mean ‘Pain of Mind’) Neurosis, which is my favorite stuff by them, anyway, so sworn in gets a thumbs out (hitch hiking). I mean a thumbs up. Even if they’re probably straight edge and want to hardline mosh your face for smoking a cigarette on their turf. Also, all about girls, relationships with girls, girls, breaking up with girls, girls, being lied to by girls, more girls, and romantic betrayal by... GIRLS. I can relate to a hell of a lot of what this guy is screaming about, I know, that’s sad, right? Just bust the windows out of her car, punch the mirror in the bathroom, kick a hole in the fuckin’ stereo speakers... (by Michael D. Williams)

Szydlow Drone
I really want to like this. This is Jeremy and Matt from Magog’s new project. Musically, this is flawless. Dark, brooding rock with a bit of a doom edge. Jeremy’s vocals are great until his pitch gets high; it just totally ruins the song for me no matter how I try to overlook it, like nails on a chalkboard. (BB)

Soothing, trippy ambient music with a bit of a psychedelic Bad Brains feel to it. Definitely something awesome to listen to when drifting off into a deep slumber, or if you need background music without distractions. (BB)

Toxic Narcotic
We’re All Doomed
Go Kart
Holy shit! This starts off totally fucking pissed and does not let up! Hardcore/punk with fucking vicious vocals and gang choruses. Fast and pissed along the lines of Sick of it All, but with blast beats. This is punk! (BB)

Century Media
Brutal, violent, relentless metal brought to you by the same folks that brought you Grimple, Word Salad, Schlong and Ojorojo. This sounds line none of those bands. This is a blissfully perfect mix of bay area thrash metal and modern metalcore. There isn’t one void moment here. Thrash till death motherfuckers!(BB)

Various Artists
The Mighty Desert Rock Avengers
I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
2 discs of stoner/doom rock from around the world. Atomic Bitchwax, Zebulon, Abrullah, Spiritu, Solarized, Eternal Elysium, Sunride, and Santoro are just a few. Excellent disc!(BB)

Various Artists
We Don’t Need Society (D.R.I. Tribute)
Malt soda Records
Decent tribute to a very influential band! Bands included are Mr. Bungle, Electric Frankenstein, Deceased, Total Fucking Destrction, Ratos De Porao, Capitalist Casualties, Mala Suerte, Bloodred Bacteria, 8 Bucks Experiment, and more! A must for D.R.I. fans!(BB)


Darkest Hour/Curl Up And Die/Minus/The Survivors
June 5th, 2003
Cypress Hall, Metairie, LA
First up was The Survivors. I don’t remember much from them, other than they played run-of-the-mill mediocre hardcore and had 2 vocalists. They were pretty boring and didn’t really grab my attention. In the middle of their set I walked down to the store for a beer.
Minus, from Iceland, (who sound nothing like Bjork) was up next. All I had heard from them was an advance copy of their latest, “Haldor Laxness”, which is a mix of rock and hardcore, but I didn’t expect what I witnessed this night. After tipping his beer to the audience (which was not allowed to bring beer into the hall) and saying “cheers” and “we’ve always wanted to play in New Orleans because.. it’s rock and roll baby!” they burst into some brutal, intense metallic hardcore. They played 2 songs from their then unreleased album, and the rest was chaotic metalcore. Definitely check them out next time they hit the U.S.!
During Curl Up And Die’s set I was too busy deflecting kicks and punches 3 inches from my face by the ninjas in the pit to pay attention to them. What I did pick up was chaotic metal/hardcore in the vein of Dillinger Escape Plan. Lots of time changes and hollerin’.
Darkest Hour were fucking brutal! Tight and technical metal along the lines of At The Gates with vocals reminiscent of Mille of Kreator in the 80’s. Amazing guitar work and Ryan (who also beats the pots for Suppression) doesn‘t stop! Be sure to check out Darkest Hour next time they come through.

Earbleed Fest 2003
July 24, 25, 26, 27
Dixie Taverne
Night 1
Fight The Goober.
Fight The Goober is more an experience than a band. They mix improvisational grindcore and boxing. The line up features former Soilent Green guitarist Donovan Punch, former Soilent Green vocalist Glenn Rambo, some dude stomping on some board hooked up to an electronic noise maker thing and playing a harmonica. Tonights fights were between Severin “Bonaparte” Lagarde and Bobby Last from Face First, Jerry Paradis (ex-Macgillicuddys) and Sambeaux (Mangina) and a couple of other random people from the audience.

Night 2
Outlaw Order, -16-, Daisy, Hope & Suicide, rat in a bucket.
I had been anxiously awaiting this night for months! Fresh off their tour, rat in a bucket killed the small crowd of people that showed up early (9:30) with their chaotic grindcore brilliance!
Florida’s Hope & Suicide (featuring Bloodlet’s vocalist) were a nice surprise. Heavy, metal tinged hardcore with Scott’s schizophrenic vocals.
Daisy have quickly become one of my favorite local bands. They do short, fast, pissed hardcore tunes in the vein of early D.R.I. If you’ve been to Dixie Taverne on more than one occasion, you’ve more than likely seen these guys either at or behind the bar.
While ordering fries from the new kitchen (which has closed down already between the time I wrote this and printed it), I heard the opening bass line to a tune that is constantly blaring through my speakers... “Trigger Happy” by 16. I then grabbed my fries (which were sprinkled with Tony Cacheries and doused with ketchup) and whisked to the front of the stage where I was bludgeoned by 16’s wall of sound. They may be down to a 3-piece now, but Phil does an excellent job handling the vocal duties as well as guitar.
Outlaw Order finished the night out with their sludgy doom goodness. 4 current and one ex member of Eyehategod make up the line-up, and the comparisons are inevitable, but it’s good to hear the music that this combination of musicians creates still being made.

Night 3
Peelander Z, Die Rotzz, Bonaparte Lagarde & The Conquerors, Antarctica Vs. The World, The Needles
I don’t remember if this was the exact order, but I’m going to go with this anyway. The Needles, from North Carolina, played ass kickin’ good ol‘ heavy southern rock and had were witty between songs. Before they played, “Who the fuck are The Needles?” was the main conversation around the room Afterwards the conversation turned to “Man, The Needles kick ass huh?”
Next up (I think) was Antarctica Vs. The World. I’d been at one of their shows before, but wasn’t really into them. Probably because I was just waiting for Mastodon to come on and wasn’t interested in hearing them. They now have members of The Picts in their line-up and sound a lot better than I remember. Punk along the lines of The Misfits. Not bad. I’ll be seeing them again I’m sure.
Bonaparte Lagarde & The Conquerors play tongue-in-cheek anti p.c. punk and dress like historical conquerors of other lands. Bring your sense of humor. Die Rotzz have 2 former Pallbearers in their ranks (Andy and Marvin on guitar /vocals and bass respectively) and play sloppy, obnoxious punk with hilarious between song banter.
Peelander Z (from Japan) finished the night off with their fun punk and zany antics (human bowling, “Engrish” song titles, and audience participation) and were just fun.

Night 4
Soilent Green, Hawg Jaw, Cancer Patient.
I was proud to present this final night of Earbleed Fest, and boy was it ever PACKED!
Cancer Patient started off with their violent dual vocalled sludge/hardcore/metal hybrid. One of the better new bands to pop up out of nowhere and into the New Orleans scene.
Hawg Jaw played next and are sounding tighter than ever since the addition of Paul Webb (Spickle/Mangina/Dulac Swade/ex-Clearlight) on bass. New Orleans sludgecore at it’s finest.
Next up was Soilent Green, with a new lineup: Tony White (ex-Paralysis) on guitar and Scott Crochet (Hostile Apostle) on bass, and new songs in tow. They fucking destroyed! I’m anxious to hear their next album!

Type O Negative/Lacuna Coil
September 7, 2003
Clicks, Baton Rouge
I arrived at the show a little into Lacuna Coil’s set. They were a boisterous bunch, full of energy and very fond of reminding everyone where they were (“All Right Baton Rouge” x 10). The place was packed and really into them. Eventually I wound my way through the mass of bodies and found myself a relatively comfortable spot over in the corner by the dressing room area. It turned out to be a good spot for picture taking, meeting a few other people who were more interested in the bands playing that night than being “there” or throwing themselves at sweaty rock stars(?). I actually enjoyed Lacuna Coil, aside from some of the stereotypical stage antics. The music was much better than I had expected (I admit I hadn’t heard them before the show, but I had heard mostly good things). Perhaps if Century Media had sent us a copy of the CD for review I might have been better informed. *ahem*
Type O Negative took the stage after an incredibly long intermission. If it had been any other band my impatient temperment might have kicked in and I would have gone back to the party I was skipping to be there. It wasn’t any other band, though, so I stuck it out. Type O shows are too few and far between here in the Dirty South and I wasn’t going to miss my first chance in a couple of years to see them. They played a variety of songs from the albums, staying pretty true to their (from what I've seen and heard) usual format of not playing a lot from the new album, which was actually fine with me. The mood I was in was much more suited to the mid ‘90’s albums which got a good bit of coverage during the night. There seemed to be an exception number of October Rust and Bloody Kisses songs, but they were certainly evened out by the attention paid to Slow, Deep and Hard and World Coming Down. Playing "Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity" was a wicked move, because it got everyone pumped and moving again after the substantial lag between sets. What I’ve always enjoyed most about Type O Negative is a sense of intensity, an animalistic musical lust that seems to pervade their albums and performance. I’m not sure why, but I felt it was lacking this September evening. I don’t think I will ever say I was disappointed by a Type O performance, but I’ve certainly been more impressed by them. Then again who doesn’t enjoy a show where the last man on stage is left with nothing but his cowboy hat? (By, Liz)

Watch Them Die/Cancer Patient/Skinkrawl
November 23rd, 2003
Dixie Taverne
This was another Paranoize Production. Sunday night shows always make me nervous. I never know how the turnout will be, but there were at least 100 people in attendance here (which doesn’t sound like much, but for Dixie Taverne on a Sunday Night.. this, my friend, is a success!)
Skinkrawl, who I hadn’t seen with the new lineup yet, were brutal and stirred things up swinging their guitars around and Jay jumping off of the bar and crawling around the awning that covers the booths. Garbage cans were thrown, beer was flung, and frustration was vented.
Cancer Patient debuted their new guitarist (Grant is his name, I believe.. sorry if I got your name wrong dude) and were amazing as usual! Watch Them Die had excellent stage presence and were enthusiastic. Heavy as fuck metal with hardcore thrown in for good measure.

Black Lips vs. The Scripts vs. Carbonas vs. Die Rottz.
December 13th, 2003
Circle Bar
This wasn’t an average show. There was an Atlanta vs. New Orleans “rock fight” theme. Each band would play 2 songs and talk shit about each other then start the line up again.
Die Rotzz started off with Marvin dressed as a masked wrestler, Andy in his Boxers and a leather jacket, and Paul in thermal underwear, a mask, and a cape.
Next up were The Carbonas, who fuckin’ ROCKED! Energetic punk. Chad from The Scripts played in boxer briefs and they just fuckin’ rocked! They’ve worked out the kinks of going from 2 guitars to one and are rockin’!
Black Lips, from what I remember (by this time I‘d finished off a half pint of whiskey and had several Pabst Blue Ribbons), had a darker tone to their rock. After all of the bands went through 2 “sets”, they took an intermission and Mangina (who were not scheduled to play, but all of their members happened to be there) played an impromptu set, which brought about violence and destruction. This was the highlight of my night, and I decided that it couldn’t get any better than this. I went home a happy fella.

Carrion/Unpersons/Hammurd Shit
December 11th, 2003
Banks St. Warehouse
This was the first show I’d attended at the Banks St. Warehouse. An old warehouse converted to a house/venue that has lax rules on drinking ( you have to be 21 and not an asshole), an old Nintendo with tons of games, old couches chairs, and van seats, and a nice, but crowded space for bands to perform. I arrived after the first band (who’s name escapes me.. sorry) performed, but next up was Hammurd Shit from Savannah, GA. They had a screaming female vocalist and played loud, crusty punk.
Unpersons were next. Their vocalist had a little mic duct taped over his mouth, but it kept falling off, so they played most of their set with him just screaming without a microphone. LOUD AS FUCK noisy hardcore.
Carrion played progressive metallic hardcore type stuff with lots of time changes and pissed vocals.

Memory As Perfection/The Faeries/The Setup/ Back When
December 31, 2003
Banks St. Warehouse
Back When (from Omaha Nebraska) started things off with a sound along the lines of Dillinger Escape Plan. Tight, technical metal/hardcore.
I missed all but one of The Setup’s tunes.. a cover of Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist”
The Faeries spent more time joking with each other between songs than playing, but played their chaotic thrash/punk mixed with slower, moody material and have now added some Stupid Fucking White Man songs to their set.
Memory As Perfection played emo-ish hardcore. I was diggin’ their set, but it was getting close to midnight, and I wanted to be somewhere else at midnight.

Flowers In The Attic/Roma Delenda Est./ Suburban Rats
January 4th, 2004
Banks St. Warehouse.
There were only like 12 people here tonight. This was the night of the Sugar Bowl.
Suburban Rats were young played fast, pissed punk. They were damn good, and nice surprise!
Roma Delenda Est. are one of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen! The vocalist was all over the place and their music had lots of time changes. One of the best drummers I’ve ever seen as well!
Flowers In The Attic played fast thrashy hardcore with a female vocalist that had a pissed scream.
Why were there only 12 people here? I made it home in time to see the end of the Sugar Bowl and LSU’s triumphant victory.