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Reviews From Paranoize #20

Wallowing In Utter Chaos
These are possibly some of the sickest vocals I’ve ever heard. Intense, blackened death metal, with a bit of sludge thrown in for good measure (track 5, “Bearer of Guilt”, reminds me a LOT of Iron Monkey). For the most part, this is blast beats and a huge wall of noise with insane vocals. Check this out! (Bobby Bergeron)

Adolf Satan
Bestial Onslaught
Ex-members of Anal Cunt pounding out mid-paced hardcore-inspired sludge while Larry Lifeless (Upsidedown Cross, Kilslug) provides insane drunken poetry. Remember how fucking amazing they were when they played at Dixie Taverne? Of course you didn’ weren’t there. 10 fucking people showed up (among those Matt and Sam from Mangina and the long-haired guitarist for Scrotesque). What a loser you are. (Bobby Bergeron)

Annihilation Time
Fuck yeah! Black Flag meets Deep Purple is the best way I can describe this band. (I’ve also heard that they sound like B’last, but I’ve never heard them because I grew up on the West Bank, making me an uncultured rube.) They played a VERY last minute show at Dixie Taverne one night, and I happened to go just to grab a beer after school and talk to Jenn about some booking stuff. Howie (from The Pallbearers/Reason Of Insanity) shows up and convinced me to stay and check this band out, (and offered me whiskey) so I did and I liked them enough to buy a cd from them. You should buy a cd too. Howie might even offer you whiskey. Buy it and find out. (Bobby Bergeron)

Anodyne/Defcon 4
split 7”
Anodyne play noisy metal. Purely chaotic with pissed screams. Defcon 4 play spastic punk/hardcore; like putting Black Flag in a blender.Amazing!
What a great split! (Bobby Bergeron)

Bleed For Me
From Buffalo, NY comes Bleed For Me, a metallic hardcore band that isn’t afraid to experiment with samples, effects, and various percussion in their music. Why don’t more bands do this? This is kind of like Refused “The Shape Of Punk To Come” as recorded by Hatebreed. Good stuff. (Bobby Bergeron)

A Darker Shade Of Black
Overlooking the lame band name, this is Boston area working class, hard drinking, down and out street metal/punk with logs of sing-a-long gang choruses and skinhead rock and roll riffing. This isn’t overwhelmingly original, but then again this type of music ain’t supposed to be. Tinges of Agnostic Front and maybe a bit of Motorhead here and there/ as well as some melody creeping in to put the final icing on the coffin... or nails in the cake.. or something like that. I’m digging this a lot; great band to see live I’d bet the farm on. Not “Oi” per se, but Americanized turf war rumbling tunes that could very well be the soundtrack to someone gettin’ they jaw broke. (Michael D. Williams)

Brutally Frank
She’ll Bleed 7”
This sucks... much in the same way The Cramps suck. (Bobby Bergeron)

Bury Your Dead
Cover Your Tracks
Bury Your Dead do about as much to further the progression of music as Michael Jackson does for the progress of Negroes...........................That being said, I must confess that I have somewhat of a soft spot for this type of meathead hardcore. This band is one of the last few actual hardcore bands on the Victory roster (a label now overrun with whiny little emo bitch bands complete with white belts, swoops, and rolls of quarters up their asses). They remind me of a much better Hatebreed or at times Path of Resistance/Earth Crisis . The drumming is very precise and the overall product is impressive.My only gripe with this CD is pretty much my gripe with just about every modern hardcore/metalcore CD. There are to many God damn open - E chugga chuggas.Other than that, I can honestly say I enjoyed this CD. - THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

The Death Throes Of Christianity (advance cdr)
One of the most underrated bands in Louisiana. Catholicon, from Baton Rouge, play intense black/death metal with vocals that sound like Satan himself. Keyboards are used to accent the guitars and give this a bit of an atmospheric feel. This will eventually be released on Baphomet Records (Kiljoy‘s label), but the first track, “Bible Black”, will be available on the next Paranoize compilation. Be sure to check them out next time they play in New Orleans. You probably won’t though, because you suck. (Bobby Bergeron)

God Damage
This is up and coming one of my new “they deserve more attention” bands, cos they are the cards on the table goddamn good heavy high energy R-O-C-K with punk seething from every crack and crevice. Crunchy like teeth rotting cereal gone bad in a good way. From Kentucky they are, and to drop something this cool from Louisville recently is fantastic (not to say L-ville doesn’t have a shitload of other great bands, cos they do!) I know there’s other stuff out by Coliseum, so someone get in touch with me at I’m waiting... YOU PURCHASE THIS! (Michael D. Williams)

Not Common
4 songs.. 47 + minutes of music. Long sludgy, droning, layered, mostly instrumental songs, with screeches and growls popping up here and there. At times this reminds me of Isis, other times I think of Mass. Pretty good, but hard to listen to if you’re not occupied with something else, like housework, or sitting in yahoo metal chat rooms calling people “posers”. (Bobby Bergeron)

Coram Lethe
The Gates Of Oblivion
Crash Music
This is one of the better offerings to come as of late from Crash Music (whose track record in my opinion is spotty at best). Coram Lethe have managed to cough up an incredible offering. Fans of Man Must Die,Cephalic Carnage, Obituary, newer Cannibal Corpse and the like should enjoy this one. The musicanship is incredible as it brings a shapeshifting quality to the album. As the record progresses, there are times when you cant believe that it's the same band. One minute they're playing something akin to In Flames, then it resembles Cannibal Corpse, then goes way out into left field with a classical guitar piece, then goes into some Dream Theater sounding material. The vocals are no different (which much like the music makes it hard to explain). If I had to explain them I would say they sound like a cross between George Fisher and Tomas Lindberg..........but what do I know?........I proudly give this CD the Mushroom Stamp.-THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Take the most brutal elements of Converge and Integrity, multiply them by a thousand, toss in some His Hero Is Gone, and Entombed’s guitar tone and you have Cursed. Holy shit this is fucking amazing! Dark, heavy, brooding metalcore. If you‘re not a total moron, you’ll buy this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Darkest Hour
Undoing Ruin
What can I say about Darkest Hour that I haven’t said before? They have the Swedish metal via American Metalcore sound locked down. There are hundreds of bands attempting this, but no one pulls it off the way Darkest Hour does. Epic, brutal thrash-y metal with downright amazing guitar work (as every Darkest Hour album has had) and harsh vocals that remind me of early Kreator. Yes, in one song he uses more of a melodic vocal style (the one that‘s on Headbanger‘s Ball right now).. but that’s just ONE SONG. There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t own this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Sardonic Wrath
Moonfog/The End
At first, I was scared to review this album for fear that it might suck and tarnish my opinion of Darkthrone . I finally decided not to whine like a little va-jay-jay and popped it in. To my relief, it didn't suck. It was the same old Darkthrone that I've grown to know and love. Nothing too new or innovative, just raw and dirty black metal. They did incorporate a lot more slow parts that I don’t remember being on the last album. All in all, this CD is definitely worthy of the Mushroom Stamp.- THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Days & Nights In The Skeleton Crew
Working Class Stiffs
Wooden Man Records
It’s kinda hard to figure out the name of the band from the name of the album, bit it don’t matter ‘cos this bites it. Nothing to see here, move along people. (Michael D. Williams)

Defcon 4
Rodent Popsicle Records-www.rodentpopsicle,com
Brutal punk/hardcore from Boston. Like Born Against jamming some Black Flag tunes or something. Excellent! They played at Dixie Taverne, opening for Adolf Satan. But you weren’t there, so you wouldn’t know how fucking incredible they are. Dick. (Bobby Bergeron)

Die Rotzz
Tugboat 7”
Fun, snotty late 70’s style punk from NOLA’s own Die Rotzz. This kicks off with a “fuck you” to the now-closed hipster bar El Matador (titled “Goring El Matador”), which always made me smile when I’d hear it live, and now I can listen to it all I want! Rock! (Bobby Bergeron)

Swedish metal with keyboards. Nothing really stands out here, and it kind of gets repetitive and boring after the 3rd song. Ugh. (Bobby Bergeron)

Doomsday Sleepover
advance cdr of upcoming 7”
5 short but sweet songs of noisy grindcore. This starts off with an all out bludgeoningly heavy sludge tune (ala Noothgrush) then bursts into a grind/thrash/hardcore chaotic fury for the duration of the e.p. Good stuff. They’ll be playing here August 27th at Dixie Taverne with rat in a bucket and another band or 2. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Dreads
Driving The Atlantic Coast In Search Of Something Worth More Than Sand
Noisy chaotic music that teeters between D.E.P. style metalcore, and all out grind. This isn’t particularly mind-blowing, but if you’re looking for short, noisy grindy songs... The Dreads will give you a quick fix. (Bobby Bergeron)

Dukes Of Nothing
Southern Lord
People who know me know that the Dukes of Nothing are one of my favorite bands. They’ve since broken up and some members have formed The Capricorns (who really don’t even compare). This is raw doom-y Motorhead style grime from the U.K. that’ll give you chicken-skin like some bottom of the barrel homemade cokeblast and Wild Turkey nightmare come alive. Only two songs on this urine colored vinyl, one a Murder Junkies cover, “Bastard Son” that sounds just like you’re thinking and an original “Half Evil”. “Burm out, born alone, in the church of busted and cold, blues song, dirty mouth, one foot in the gutter, one fist in the face, Half evil, but all fake...” ALL HAIL DIRT AND FILTH. DUKES R.I.P. (Michael D. Williams)

Evil Army
Conquer Human 7”
This young band from Memphis, Tennessee have been the talk of NOLA after coming down here for a number of shows here and there in the past year. An old school hardcore metal style in the vein of D.R.I. Slayer-ish early thrash that rips it out and just motherfuckin’ smokes is what we have here. Four songs that hint at what the future can hold as these intense bastards break the mold and hold their own as a major destructive battering device. Thanks to Evil Army also for putting Eyehategod up on our Memphis show for this recent tour we did. It’s good to see hardcore like this coming from somewhere like that and from some pissed off violent youth. More power to y’all.. (Michael D. Williams)

Frantic Attaque
s/t 7”
Loud, upbeat, energetic early 80’s style punk/hardcore from Atlanta. The lo-fi quality of the recording works well! I know this involves the vocalist for The Carbonas, but not much else. Chad (Scripts/Mangina) recommended this to me, and I’m glad I grabbed it. (Bobby Bergeron)

Genghis Tron
Cloak Of Love
This took a few listens for me to figure out what the hell is going on here. Apparently there is a connection between synthpop and grindcore... and Genghis Tron is that bridge. In one song you’ll have a Depeche Mode type thing going, then suddenly it’s an all out grindcore assault, then goes into a drum and bass thing. This gets props just for being totally original. Crazy shit.(Bobby Bergeron)

World Darkness 7”
Black Water Records P.O. Box 5223, Portland, OR 97208
Fuck yeah! Brutal metal-tinged crusty hardcore. Extreme Noise Terror meets Hellbastard. This band features ex-members of Tragedy, and some others that I’m not familiar with. Only 2 songs, but “Wax Statues” is one raging badass tune, complete with a riff that belongs on a Slayer album! (Bobby Bergeron)

O.K., so when I got this, and saw that HSML stands for “Hot n’ Steamy Monkey Love”, I thought it was going to be some goofy shit and I kind of let it sit at the back of the review pile. This is bludgeoningly heavy sludge from the Netherlands along the lines of Iron Monkey with a dash of Motorhead thrown in. Holy shit this is great! They recently called it a day, but this album is still available. Why are you still reading? You should be searching for this cd now! (Bobby Bergeron)

Apocalyptic End In White
Crash Music
O.K., so I accidentally gave The Human Kickstand the booklet to this, but the Tartharia cd, and I have the I.C.E. cd and Tartharia booklet. I’m glad I held onto this cd... this is good! Sick fucking black metal. Blasting drums and just amazing riffs backing piercing, gut wrenching screams. I don’t really care for much black metal, but this is good shit! (Bobby Bergeron)

Reaching Empyrean
Wow! This really reminds me of Only Living Witness in the beginning, then gets really weird and psychedelic, but in a good way. Heavy, downtuned stoner metal. (Bobby Bergeron)

Justin Broadrick writes music that delves deep into the soul. Like his previous work in Godflesh, Jesu is slow, heavy, emotionally wrenching music that gives me chills. Melodic emotional, effect-laden vocals with layered, churning, crushing music. Fucking amazing. You are simply worthless if you don’t recognize Justin Broadrick as a musical genius. (Bobby Bergeron)

Jigsore Terror
World End Carnage
straightforward death metal from Sweden. They threw in some grind influence but are mostly pretty standard death metal. heavy, fast, aggressive, Jigsore Terror. All of the songs start to sound the same after a while but whatever, not many death metal fans will mind. Pick it up if you’ve got nothing better to do, maybe after a while they will release something with a little bit more versatility. (Angela)

Jumbo's Killcrane
The Slow Decay
I realize that I'm probably gonna catch a lot of shit for this review but I could give a shit less about the personal opinions of a bunch of junkies, degenerates, and faggots. I tried to like this CD a lot (don’t get me wrong it definitely has it's moments), but I think the main reason I was so disappointed is that it didn't live up to the hype that was built up around it. I was expecting this epic powerhouse of an album and when i finally heard it, it just seemed to me like I was getting a more psychedelic version of Weedeater. The music is pretty solid but it really didn’t tickle my grundle. Definitely a talented band though. - THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Kajun SS
$40 Quartet
This is a “super group” of sorts, featuring Louie and Jason formerly of the Persuaders, Chad from The Scripts, and Paul from Die Rotzz. With a line-up of this caliber, you know what you’re getting.... raw, dirty punk ROCK! (Bobby Bergeron)

Kajun SS
s/t LP
Therapeutic Records
Jeth Row Records-
O.K., so this one-sided 45 RPM 12” had an obscenely low number of these pressed... like 600 or something, and it’s now out-of-print so this review is to pretty much brag that I own one of these, and YOU don’t. You snooze, you lose... loser. Down and dirty bar room punk ROCK from NOLA’s filthiest. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Tempest Of Thoughts
Yawn. Huh, what? Oh shit I fell asleep. This European style of melodic metal seems to be the fuckin’ rate these days. I guess like that band ‘In Flames’ or something with keyboards, female backing vocals etc. To me this is god awful. The absolute only thing I do like about this is the Iron Maiden double lead noodling, but then the losenge needin’ singer coughs back in the picture, chompin out some vague-ass esotric lyrics that seem to flow in a positive vibe direction. This just bored me to take a nap. Not my glass o’ sweet tea. (Michael D. Williams)

Idiocy Mode
God Damn...................I am slowly becoming the King of the Bad Review through no fault of my own. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the pole smokers who pollute my brain with their shit. This album is not worthy of scraping the shit out of my chiseled muscular ass. The singer reminds me of a mix between Rick ta Life (25 ta life, Comin Correct) and John Morrow (Iron Monkey, My War) but doesn’t quite pull it off because his balls haven't dropped yet. The music is mindless chugga-chugga shit with a couple of hammer ons and breakdowns thrown in here and there. These guys need to get their dicks out of their sister's assholes and go live in the mountains where they can no longer pollute the world with this garbage.- THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

To Walk A Middle Course
Kylesa plays crusty metal with mellow breaks and screamy dual male/female vocals. The production (courtesy of Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel fame) is a bit cleaner this time around, really bringing out the vocals in the band, and making every single note audible. This took a couple of listens to really soak it all in, but this is yet another great Kylesa album. (Bobby Bergeron)

Man In Shackles/Sewn Shut
Split 7”
Sounds Of Betrayal
Throw me a washcloth ‘cos this may sting a little bit, your father may never have what we would call a human face... OK-now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about this record.
Man In Shackles are the standout of the duo here. A serious Disrupt/Extreme Noise Terror feel except more erratic, and believe it or not, faster overall. Two vocalists seal that deal and solidify these Swedes into a not too typical/original crust formula.
Sewn Shut, I think are also straight outta Sweden and play around with the guitar work a lot more than the aforementioned band, making this more interesting but not necessarily better. Same deal with the two vocalists, but one of these guys has a super low gutteral thing going on that is completely buried in the mix, therefore giving these cats the shaft in the American Idol run-offs. (Michael D. Williams)

Melt Banana
13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994-1999)
A-Zap Records
As the title suggests, this is a collection of early Melt Banana singles dating from 1994 to 1999. Noisy thrash-y experimental punk with high pitched squealing vocals. You either love or hate this band. Total aural cacophony.(Bobby Bergeron)
Tragedy Holds The Hands Of Hope
A better name for this CD would have been "MAYBE THIS GENERIC SOUNDING TITLE WILL HIDE THE FACT THAT WE SUCK". I am torn as to where to begin describing the many reasons why i disliked this CD. First off, the production is horrible (which is forgivable as long as there is quality musicianship to make up for it). The vocals are way too loud (which is very punishing considering that the singer sounds like he's gargling with a mouthful of man gravy),the guitars are incredibly muffled, and the drum levels just plain suck. Secondly, these guys are so god damn predictable it makes me sick. They start with a generic riff that dances around a little and then heads straight into chugga chugga territory. As I said before , the vocals are horrid. this guy sounds like he's trying to cough up the baby batter that didn’t quite make it all the way down. I couldn't even finish listening to this piece of utter garbage. My idea of hell is waking up in bed with Rosie O Donnell while this CD is stuck on repeat. - THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Mouth Of The Architect
Time And Withering
This is the album that my friends wish that I would shut the fuck up about. Mouth of the Architect are absolutely stellar. Formed out of the ashes of Dayton, Ohio's Rune, MOTA have made (In my opinion) one of the finest recordings to come out in the past decade. Consisting of 4 songs but clocking in at a respectable 42 minutes, "Time and Withering" unforgivingly beats the fuck out the listener. The music alone conveys a truckload of emotion before a single word is uttered (something that is very scarce in today's music). The best way to describe their sound is progressive ambient doom somewhat akin to a mix of Neurosis and Rwake.The music is some of the most sad and beautiful sounds I have ever heard and then the vocals hit you like a brick to the face.The standout track on this CD (hard as hell to pick) would probably be the one that closes the album. "The Worm" is an 11 minute powerhouse that begins with a revolving riff that seems to change shape throughout the duration of the song. At about 7 and a half minutes into the song, the vocals come in and blow you away. ABSOLUTELY STELLAR. I really would like to give this CD the Mushroom Stamp but i am hesitant for fear of having my penis turned to gold.-THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Ghost In Paradise
Crash Music
Oh god, this is HORRIBLE. I’d rather hit myself in the groin with a sledgehammer than be subject to this crap ever again. Boring cheesy power-metal.(Bobby Bergeron)

Never Heard Of It
11 Days
Unmotivated Records
Damn Bobby, what is this? Why, man? You can guarantee I’m selling this one! Pop (dare I say) punk sell-out emo shit like New Found Glory or (cough, hack) Good Charlotte. There’s no place for this in Paranoize except to completely trash it. I hold a special grudge against this stuff. For one thing, it ALL sounds alike, very predictable and done a million times. This crap is the farthest thing from what punk is supposed to be about. I challenge this band to a fist fight for no apparent reason. (Michael D. Williams)

Raising Kubrick
The Important Thing Is Moral Choice
These kids , well I don’t know if they are really kids, are crusty and mean. The vocals are way too loud in the mix. The music is fast and full of treble with some melodies in there and real dirty vocals ...kind of like Eyehategod and Cattle Decapitation beating squirrels together . It’s cute, but not outstanding. (Angela)

Red Letter-"M"
The only thing gayer than the horrible excuse for music that these rump rangers regurgitate onto the the gay ass picture on the inlay. These guys look like they spend their free time donkey punching each other and sprinkling glitter on their pubes. They sound like they want to rip off Coheed and Cambria , but they're afraid they cant live up to the tough lumberjack image that people associate with Coheed.I strongly recommend that these guys and all of their fans kill themselves so as not to poison the gene pool. -THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Retching Red
Get Your Red Wings
Bleeding Bitch Records
Aww, holy crud.. what in the fuckin’ name of Spock’s ears is with these band names?!? I mean face it, it’s hard to be original these days, but to me, this is just silly as hell. I think you get the references here. Band name, album title, even the record label are alluding to one 5th grade sense of humor. Oh yeah, they have a girl singer with bright red hair. Conceptual geniuses or fucking dumbasses, you be the judge. Anyhow, this is East Bay punk rock. (Surprised?) This section of the East Bay being Oakland, CA. Crustified punk rawk, not super fast but fast enough to ride the throttle and put a hurtin’ on those who listen. They do a cover of Seattle band The Gits, who Retching Red kinda sound like a nastier version of, but with complete shit lyrics (unlike The Gits who wrote with some intelligence). Average. (Michael D. Williams)

If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die
At A Loss
Some of the most amazing sludge/doom to ever grace your ears. If you don’t own this by now you’re a total fucking idiot. What the hell is wrong with you? Maiden-style guitar harmonies mixed with crushing doom-y passages and somber acoustic sections. Dual male/female screamed/shrieked vocals, samples, moog organ, and like I just fucking told you, stellar guitarwork. If you’ve seen this band live the last couple of times they’ve played here, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, redeem yourself and pick this up NOW. (Bobby Bergeron)

Searing Meadow
Corroding From The Inside
Crash Music
This CD is pretty tolerable.It is definitely nothing special. They almost remind me of Dark Tranquility. The production is good as has come to be expected from most Euro style metal offerings. If you’re one of those people who love Swede-style metal, it may be worth checking out.- THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Cause Pain
80‘s style hardcore done fuckin‘ RIGHT. Fast, angry and full of energy, with a very obvious early Agnostic Front influence. It’s good to see bands are still playing this style and doing it well. (Bobby Bergeron)

Snack Truck
Perpetual Motion Machine
Although I did like the John Zorn Naked City stuff with ya boy Y.Eye of the Boredoms, most bands that dive head first into the jazz grind pool of sub-New York Knitting Factory hoopla have yet to strike a nerve and/or move my bowels to full evacuation. Snack Truck (bands today just DO NOT care about what they call themselves it seems!) do that thing that they do well enough to be called well enough. It’s just background chatter, albeit chaotic nitro thrashing mad background chatter. It’s basically instrumental throughout since the manic vocals are used not in the old timey “singing” way but like the aforementioned Naked City, to chip and yelp up a storm. To summarize” I hope there are drugs involved, it just seems a lot funner that way. (Michael D. Williams)

Sun Of Nothing
...and voices words faces complete the dream
From Greece comes Sun Of Nothing... a noisy beast mixing noise, sludge and black metal elements. Sick. (Bobby Bergeron)

Powtin’ On The Outside, Pawty On The Inside
Suplecs return once again with another slab of just flat-out damn good stoner rock. My only gripe with this is the clean vocals. What the fuck is up with that? They do NOT sound like this live. If you’ve heard the demo version of “Gotta Pain” (which is on the Paranoize Recordings compilation, “Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure”... shameless plug) you’ll hear what Suplecs is supposed to sound like. Either way, pick this up... the vocals aren’t too bad after a few listens. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Dead See
Beyond The Lake Of Sleep
This is Neil from Dolores’s new band. Heavy, noisy doom-y metal... kind of like Neurosis by way of Mastodon. Just completely devastating. Wow. There’s not much more I can say to justify the awesomeness of this band. They’re playing Dixie Taverne on August 6th. Be there. Buy a cd to have something to mutilate yourself to in the meantime. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Mass
City Of Dis
Thrash metal meets jazz. Pretty interesting stuff going on here. Horn sections mixed in with intricate riffing and vocals ranging from shrieks to growls. King Crimson meets Slayer. Not bad. (Bobby Bergeron)

Crash Music
Three words- GENERIC BLACK METAL. This may appeal to 32 year old virgin, level 10 Dungeon Masters who still live in their mother's garage, wear corpse paint every day, and rename themselves after pagan war gods.-THE HUMAN KICKSTAND

Day Late, Dollar Short
This is a collection of rarities and previously unreleased tracks from older sessions, etc. I’m not familiar with Thrones, but I am familiar with other projects involving Joe Preston, such as Earth, the Melvins and currently High On Fire. Some of this is heavy and plodding, some is just totally bizarre. Keep an open mind if you’re going to even consider buying this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Valume Nob
The Most High
Crash Music
O.K., so this review will probably bring hate mail and death threats... but here it goes.... I don’t really like this. With the amount of talent in this line-up (ex and current members of Crowbar, New Religion and Graveyard Rodeo), I expected a LOT more. This isn’t totally horrible... classic short, fast, mean hardcore songs. It just sounds a bit uninspired. Nothing that hasn’t been done before.. just plain hardcore. Maybe that’s the idea, I don’t know. I have to admit that they’re fun live; especially after getting tanked on cheap whiskey, combined with the bottle of J.D. that Mark.. er.. I mean “Marshall” passes around. (Bobby Bergeron)

Various Artists
Base Camp 001
Camp Fury
This compilation covers quite a few bands in the overlooked New Orleans metalcore scene (In Tomorrow‘s Shadow, This Side Down, Organized Hostility, Skindeep, and Aggro-Fate) plus bands from other parts of the country (Assisted Suicide Assembly, Continent Of Ash, Self Inflicted, etc.) A damn fine compilation of just good, heavy music. I bought this for $3.00 at a show... great price and an excellent cd. Support your local record labels! (Bobby Bergeron)

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