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Bands and record labels are encouraged to send in cds and vinyl to Paranoize for review.

While the main coverage in Paranoize is metal (thrash, death, doom, etc.), hardcore (old school and, for shits n’ giggles, even that new stuff that the kiddies are prancing around to these days), sludge, punk, and straight up rock n‘ roll, you’re welcome to send your emo/screamo/whatever garbage. After all, we need something to make fun of. If we trash your band, just get over it. We are not going to kiss your ass because you put out a fucking record.

That said, may send your recordings to:
P.O. Box 15554
New Orleans, LA 70175-5554

Have a splendid fucking day.

Earache Records
So it’s 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning. Got my first cup of coffee in front of me and slipped the first 5 review cd’s into the stereo. So far, my day is starting off splendid. This is another one of those bands who I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but never got the chance to actually hear them. Brutal, tight, Satanic death metal with black metal-y and goth-y, doom-y stuff thrown in to keep it fresh. Vocals range from demonic growls and shreiks to clean vocals where it’s appropriate. Even during the clean, mellow parts, the double bass drumming is still prevalent. Yep, I’ll be listening to this a LOT. This lil’ piece of spinning plastic has made up for that last little .
(Bobby Bergeron)

Victory Records
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, right? I knew there was a reason I didn’t put this cd in the correct alphabetical order As I look into the review pile, I see a ton of Victory titles, with band names that just scream EMO/POP FUCKING GARBAGE. I will now put this cd under my truck tire and roll over it repeatedly. Their little bio sheet claims “Aiden has graced the cover of Alternative Press, Metal Edge, Kerrang! & More!” They can now add “Trashed by Paranoize“ to that list. (Bobby Bergeron)

All Out War
Assassins In The House Of God
Wow. Can you say ‘Slayer fixation‘? New York jarhead aesthetics with an insane healthy hatred of Christianity just like yer boys from ‘Hell Awaits’. All Out do the Hanneman, King, and Lombardo-isms to the extreme fucking point of obsessiveness, man. Of course these guys imitate, but cannot re-produce. It’s a trip. Like if Sick of It All went off the edge and jumped head on into re-writing ‘Reign In Blood’ with a bunch of Doc Marten Skins jabbing the floor and wind milling in the circle pit in the shape of a pentagram in the studio. I mean I know these two genres crossed over a bit, with bands like Carnivore and Cro-mags etc…but, ‘Curtain Call for the Crucified’ is so ‘Angel Of Death’ its not even funny. Ride cymbals all ting tinging, thuddayathuddaya double deuce bass drumming, wawwwnnnhnnn,wiiinnnwaaahnnn yinnyyiiinnyyyinnn whammy bar like my nigga’s Kerry and Jeff. It’s all here. Only difference really is the vocals. A.O.W.’s voice dude kicks it like a chubbier, more satanic Roger Miret (from Agnostic Front, you twats).
Sample lyric: (think ‘slow death, immense decay…’) “Slow death as their lives decay- a dying world now struggles for breath - legions of demons rise from their graves - the faithful are praying for death - bring forth the crooked cross….etc..” O.K., those words are par for the course in the death/ black metal world, right?? Well this is a whole ‘nother world my man. I’d go see ‘em for the sheer violence of it all. Someone could get hurt. BAD. Mosh hard and crush the priest, pally. (Mike IX Williams)

A Perfect Murder
War Of Aggression
Victory Records
After hearing their last album that sounded like rejected Pantera material (most of you know how I feel about Pantera in the first place), and seeing the cover art to this, which is a CONFEDERATE FLAG WITH A FLEUR-DE-LIS IN THE CENTER OF IT (I guess I should point out that these guys are from CANADA) I was set to totally rip on this. While the vocals are still Anselmo-worship, musically, this time around it seems they’ve dropped the groove and breakdowns and have adopted a tight, straight-forward thrash sound that somewhat reminds me of early Testament. Of course this is just the first few songs. As I delve further into the album, I’m hearing more re-hashed Pantera riffs, and the vocals are annoying the shit out of me. (Bobby Bergeron)

A Vision Grotesque
King Of The Massacre
Room Temperature
Damn fine metal here. There’s a little bit of everything thrown in. Death metal, black metal, and a smidge of the chugga chugga metal-core stuff that the kiddies are into these days. Very tight band with dynamic vocals and excellent songs that aren’t drawn out or repetitive at all. I’m really surprised that a bigger label hasn’t picked up this band yet. (Bobby Bergeron)

Baroness/Gunpersons (split cd)
A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk
At A Loss Recordings
What is it about Savannah, Georgia that breeds some of the heaviest, dirtiest sounding bands? Out of Savannah has come Damad, Kylesa, Black Tusk, and of course the 2 bands on this split: Baroness and Unpersons. I was literally drooling when I opened the envelope and saw this in my hands! Baroness kicks this off with 2 songs that last over 17 minutes! Their sound is very reminiscent of His Hero Is Gone (especially in the vocals) with a healthy chunk of Isis thrown in. The dual, rhythmic guitar work here is fucking superior! They’ve been picked up by Relapse Records.
Unpersons are a much noisier beast, plowing through your world and destroying shit, settling down, then rumbling forward again, with vocals that resemble an intense conversation with an emotionally unstable drunkard. If I had to recommend one cd to you out of everything reviewed this issue, it would be this one. (Bobby Bergeron)

Bring Me The Horizon
Count Your Blessings
Earache Records
According to their bio sheet thing that came with the cd, this band is a big deal in the U.K. Why, they got 4.4 million plays on MySpace, making them the 2nd most popular British band on Myspace (behind Coldplay)! So I guess my description of them as generic modern metalcore makes me “dumb” or something. Because I don‘t “get it“ or whatever. Nice haircuts. Are those your girlfriend‘s pants? (Bobby Bergeron)

"From Beale Street To Oblivion"
DRT Entertainment
After the almost-prog of the last Clutch effort, all drenched in organs and such, it's good to see them return to . . . well, almost their roots. This is the Clutch we have all known and loved through the years--bellowing, battering, tunes that groove all the way on loan from the 1970's. Clutch's stock in trade has always been their synergistic mutation of raw rock, hardcore anger, boogie swagger, and party boat ethics, and this one's got it in spades. Much like other discs reviewed this time, "From Beale Street To Oblivion" is a good return to form by one of the most reliable live bands to ever kick out the jams. (M. Bevis)

There Can Be Only Two
Laguna Sunburn
A heavy guitar does not a good band make. This isn’t even that heavy anyway. Female singer/guitarist and drummer two piece plus guest sessionists do umm-uhh-something style tunes that speed up, get fast then,… well, speed up and then get fast again. She sounds good when she flat out yells and scrrrreeeaammms, but the talking vocals are as lame as that mayonnaise sandwich I ate for dinner. If they lost the ‘concept’ of the record (something about two warriors and innocent townspeople and slaying mortals and would be-immortals etc..get it, ‘There Can Be Only Two’ …huh?huh?..nudge, nudge..huh?) Clever shit. Minus points for a stupid George Bush sample. (Mike IX Williams)

Damnation A.D.
In This Life Or The Next
Victory Records
O.k. now THIS the sound that I expect when I see the Victory Records stamp on the back of a cd. Heavy, mid-90’s hardcore with a bit of a metal edge, but not enough for you to mistake that this is indeed a HARDCORE band. Damnation A.D. has been on an 8 year hiatus, and even after all that time away, they’ve still got it. (Bobby Bergeron)

Darkest Hour
Delver Us
Victory Records
Darkest Hour have done it again. Another solid, perfect album of intense, brutal thrash.. Since I can’t find the words to describe how awesome this band is, I’ll just shut up and keep thrashin’. Buy this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Can’t Get Us All
Only together since 2006, these kids formed out of a love for crusty hardcore punk, rock and roll, and death metal. All three of which I hold dear to my heart and having said that, I will recommend Daymares to fans of the same. Later years Entombed comes to mind here in the sound and feel of these sinister Polish adrenaline fanatics. I really fucking dig this, and the only complaints I have are the lame band moniker (I’ll forgive ‘em though, they’re from Eastern Europe) and for my taste the singers voice is a little too New York hawdcore, but I guess they make up for it with sheer grit and velocity. The songs are heavy as good death metal should be and have an added groove that makes the Warsaw youth ‘ROCK OUT’. Rounding this out are gang choruses and some semi-Misfits-esque back up vocals that I’m sure are killer live. (Mike IX Williams)

Lifeforce Records
Generic melodic Swedish death metal with symphonic black metal keyboards, male death metal vocals and sung female vocal choruses. *yawn* (Bobby Bergeron)

Misanthropic Generation
Ya’ll know I like this stuff, but I’ll give the rundown again (I reviewed their Powerload 7” a while back in this here very rag, so if I am repeating myself, here’s why, my memory sucks). From humble beginnings as a primary color Discharge clone band, Disfear have come into their own as a semi-original thick headed gravel spitting entity of modern times. This recording steps up to the plate and hits a home run; Beltran style as far as I’m concerned. Melding a bit more (alot more) Motorhead with the usual D-beat mocha latte froth, Misanthropic Generation should be considered their defining moment. Plenty of wanking metalish power leads, not simplistic two note grab-assin’ though, more substance this time around. Vocalist Thomas Linberg, Yeah, yeah. The dude from At The Gates, Skit System and others, he does have a higher screech than his predecessor, but pulls out just enough scraggly pissed-off-ness to make this work. The rock-n-roll structures mixed with 80’s hardcore liberty spikey punk goodness make this a fan-fucking-tastic jump off the stage to the broken jaw welcoming committee. Oh yeah, ya boy’s got pretty killer lyrics. Look for their split with Zeke for extra zestiness. (Mike IX Williams)

Driver Side Impact
The Very Air We Breathe
Victory Records
Jesus fuckin Christ… what the… man…. Why? Fucking why? I’d rather beat myself in the groin with a hammer than listen to this entire cd. (Bobby Bergeron)

El Chupa Cobras
Loud, noisy, spazztic rock from Alabama! Intricate, aggressive music with screaming in your fucking face vocals. A nice deviation from the crap I’ve been getting to review lately. (Bobby Bergeron)

Extinction of Mankind
Ale To England
Moshpit Tragedy
The first three tracks on this re-release from Canadian indie label Moshpit Tragedy are yanked from UK filth farmers E.O.M.’s 7” of the same name, and puts them up front and close to showcase their affinity for British second wave punk and hardcore acts by mopping the floor with covers of Amebix, Antisect, and Discharge. And yes, it’s worth it and not just another waste of vinyl. For crusty two chord axe changes and socio-politico meanderings, Extinction of Mankind do the do the original versions proud, actually stepping them up a twat thread with the healthy added dose of a deeper backline and quicker drum pacing, leading the blind to a blinder grave. The truth is in the crusty rebellion as the proletariat show their ass in the crowd on the next live tracks (4-12) recorded in Bradford, England (home of Doom; the band). Highlight tunes are ‘The Nightmare Seconds‘, ‘One Bullet‘,and ‘Spare A Thought’. Two more tribute covers round out the festivities for no apparent reason and it’s over. Cider & ale plus no commercial aspects EVER equals E.O.M. (Mike IX Williams)

Black Spaces Between Stars
Acerbic Noise
Heavy industrial/experimental noise that falls somewhere between Godflesh, Butthole Surfers, and a family of four bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Brilliant. (Bobby Bergeron)

Glorior Belli
Manifesting The Raging Beast
Southern Lord
Gloomy black metal that doesn’t really deviate too much from the standard “blast/fast melodic riff/screechy vocal” formula that you can expect from every fucking black metal band, but has enough of the slow doomy breaks to grab my attention again when I start to drift off and think about doing laundry or something. (Bobby Bergeron)

Dwell Records
This is a sludge super group of sorts, featuring T-Roy Medlin (Sour Vein), Vince Burke (Beaten Back To Pure), Dixie Dave Collins (Weedeater) and Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy). Fuckin’ doomy sludged out metal with nice tempo shifts. Prepare for a good ol’ southern ASS WHOOPIN’! (Bobby Bergeron)

Hell Within
Shadows Of Vanity
Lifeforce Records
If you go to Ozzfest and watch Headbangers Ball, then you probably like this bland, generic metal band. There’s NOTHING here that hasn’t been done by the third-rate Shadows Falls and Avenged Sevenfolds out there. (Bobby Bergeron)

Acerbic Noise Development
Heavy instru-metal that covers everything from prog-rock to thrash to sludgy/drony passages. It seems there’s lots of good music coming out of Alabama these days.! (Bobby Bergeron)

Samus Octology
Translation Loss
Heavy, melodic instrumental metal along the lines of Pelican and Isis, with a little of the quirkiness of Collapsar seeping in here and there. For the most part his is really mellow. While this is damn good in the right mood, I‘m getting bored.(Bobby Bergeron)

Hydra Head
Justin Broadrick and co. continue to go even further with their melancholia on Jesu's second full-length album. Ever since he disbanded Godflesh, Broadrick has forsaken angst for melody, and bombast for a more sublime stripe of heavy. "Conqueror" is wide-open, raw to the soul, and somehow atmospheric. Make no mistake: If you ever loved Godflesh, or any of J.K.'s numerous side projects, you are going to own this, and even those that didn't like Godflesh's catharsis should at least give it a spin. Collectors should seek out the Japanese pressing, as it come with the Sundown/Sunrise ep, and is almost better than the LP!(M. Bevis)

Municipal Waste
The Art Of Partying
WAKE UP MOTHERFUCKER! Hell yeah! Municipal Waste is back with 15 more songs of beer swillin’, head stompin’ thrashcore in the vein of early D.R.I. and the mighty S.O.D.! Furious, thrashing songs about partying and metal!You need this! (Bobby Bergeron)

Given To The Rising
Neurot Recordings
Well, fuckin' right, it's about goddamn time! Neurosis is back to the type of sound that made them one of the most horrifyingly intense names in metal in the mid-90's, and with a thirst for fire and mortar. Primordial, tortured, and still at times ethereal, "" is a great return for Neurosis, showing that even after several albums of depression and solemnity, they can hit the studio and rip your neck out. If you remember "Through Silver In Blood", get ready . . . and don't say I didn't warn you. (M. Bevis)

Nodes Of Ranvier
Defined By Struggle
Victory Records
While this band doesn’t really venture into new territory at all, they do have the metal core thing down. Heavy riffs with the occasional nod to Swedish metal and angry vocals. (Bobby Bergeron)

On Parole
no label
From Gothenburg Rock City, On Parole bust out some boogie down production Motorhead flavored glam-ish style hard medicine for all ya’ll illin’ to chug whiskey, play Texas hold ‘em and quit yer jobs. This disc contains 13 selections culled from the quartet’s first two demos and is pure 1000% shred R-n-R in the tried and true tradition of AC/DC, Hanoi Rocks, Stooges and the aforementioned Lemmy Kilmister’s group. It seems some of the best American heavy roots music comes from places other than America these days! Biker metal and triple speed Chuck Berry/Johnny Thunders riffs are part of the sleaze element presented here and for your entertainment value (pennies on the dollar) you could do worse. A pure 70’s FM radio flashback drenched with enough drunken, bar room brawl, pool cue fighting to make you feel like listening to The Cult and Girlschool, wearing ripped up bell bottoms, and frying on mescaline. (Mike IX Williams)

"City of Echoes"
Hydra Head
So let's get this straight, right from the start, okay? I'm a huge fan of Pelican, and even though some might think that I'm just going to kiss their ass on this new album, most will be surprised. "City of Echoes" is good, quite good at times, but lacks the depth and weight of their previous output. As in the case of Jesu, production means a lot for bands like these, and while Jesu's new LP comes off as atmospheric at time, Pelican's new disc suffers from a sense of weakness. Either way, if you like the band, check it out, the music is still brilliant. (M. Bevis)

Ramming Speed
Full Speed Ahead 7”/cdr
Self robot
I caught these guys when they played a block party in the 9th ward! They were on tour from Boston and surprised the shit out of me! A fun, furious mix of 80’s thrash metal, grind, and crusty hardcore with songs about pizza parties and carrot attacks. Shit yeah! (Bobby Bergeron)

The Venemous Grand Design
Victory Records
Pissed, heavy hardcore from the same city that brought you Integrity and In Cold Blood. They’ve been at it since ‘99and in a time when dudes wearing girl pants and posing limpwristed with a douch-y haircut is considered “hardcore”, this is very welcome! (Bobby Bergeron)

Seizure Crypt
Hello, My Name Is Madness
If there were a class titled New York Hardcore 101, these guys would be the valedictorians. While there’s not a damn thing on here that’s fresh, it’s a fun listen and if you were into the NYHC sound popularized by Sick Of It All and Biohazard, then give this a spin. (Bobby Bergeron)

Severed Head Of State
No Love Lost
-no label-
S.H.O.S. flat out fucking OWN it all. Austin, Texas is kicking right now with these guys and World Burns To Death, another heavier than God’s cock punk band ripping the south a new one with blazing modern hardcore. Severed…are what the REAL underground H.C. old school should sound like, not the bullshit that passes for low bottom end slinging on all yer pay music channels this year. They even pay a tribute to OLD C.O.C. with a cover of ‘Prayer’ (from ‘Animosity’ for all you losers who didn‘t know there was an LP before ‘Deliverance‘) Fuck all the cross genres. This is good song writing, heated down-tuned chords belying impassioned, vehement vocals and, get this; a HINT of melody, just mainly in the bass and guitar riff scorching. Nothing wrong with that. If you’re looking for a record with fake ass pop or screamo or nu-metal or whatever they call it this week, GO DIE.(Mike IX Williams)

Arrivals & Departures
Oh motherfucker… not again…. Whiny emo with the occasional scream to make the vocalist seem “tough“ or “anguished“ or something.. I fell asleep with mtv on for some reason or another once and woke up to a video by this band. It was a fucking train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching in utter fucking disgust. Girl pants and stupid fucking haircuts abound. Why is this band on the same fucking label as Darkest Hour?(Bobby Bergeron)

Trample the Weak, Hurdle The Dead
A galloping Iron Maiden on LOTS of speed anchors this fiasco to the shore(well, only in comparison because Iron Maiden isn’t an east coast death metal band born in New York in 1992 on Relapse records. Hypothetically if I.M tuned down to D, and Bruce Dickenson alternated between guttural choking and Japanese shrieks …Oh never mind, there’s really NO comparison at all.) while the vocals jerk back and forth from maniacal screaming and grinding versus cupped-mic unintelligible dog barking. These guys lead us all, God forgive, into oblivion further and further more, forever. The un-skinned ones coax every little battered evil guitar bend out from under the park bench and into the darkness of the lecherous public eye. Only their mothers know for sure. For fans of Suffocation and Dying Fetus and their ilk. (Mike IX Williams)

Humanistic Disorder Demo 2006
Straight Up
Six traditional whirlwind napalm throwin’ blasts from Japan’s Slang on this limited post-Katrina CD demo pushed into our grubbier than ever ham-like hands by Klub Counter Action & Straight Up Records. Just what you’d expect from today’s Nippon crust, all perfect hits below the belt, stomach punching, caustic, mid-tempo AK-47 rifling in the style of all the british forefathers (you know who I mean, all the ones with the leather, studs, and bristles) that are loved so fukkin’ much. No grind here, you rabid bastards. Full force, crashing airline, on time pacing; deep guitar distortion supreme (with great leads) plus the added bonus of those Asian hollers that are so endearing and sound like planets being eaten by Galactus by the dozens . The last song is a cover by Ripcord called ‘Single Ticket to Hell’. you’ve heard this stuff before, but c’mon this is done by a DIFFERENT band!!! Really, its worth it, I mean it.(Mike IX Williams)

It will be a sad day when the new wave of 80’s crossover thrash bands comes to an end, as I’m totally diggin’ the shit out of this. I have a huge smile on my face and if I weren’t old and all achy-boned from work, I’d be thrashin’ around the room like a maniac. Britan’s SSS (which stands for Short Sharp Shock), as you probably guessed by my rambling ode to thrash core above, play old-school thrash/hardcore crossover and fucking Excel (pun totally intended) at it! Fucking awesome! (Bobby Bergeron)

The Junior Varsity
Man, I like cereal. Its great.. Huh? Ohh.. what? A cd to review? Yeah, these guys blow. And not in a good way. MTV garbage. Didn’t Victory Records used to have a heavier hardcore roster? I guess they’re trying to cash in after years of being fucking broke putting out second rate Earth Crisis rip-offs. Oh by the way, I like cereal.(Mike IX Williams)

Total Fucking Destruction
Zen And The Art Of Total Fucking Destruction
Translation Loss
Grindcore with a bit of a tech-y edge. This album is split into 3 sections, “electric”, “acoustic” and “video”. Obviously the “acoustic” isn’t grind, but total weirdness that sounds straight out of an underground jazz club or something. From the “video” section comes one of the greatest song titles of all time: “Seth Putnam Is Wrong About A :Lot Of Things, But Seth Putnam Is Right About You”. Brilliant. Oh, and if you don‘t know who Seth Putnam is, I don‘t want to be your friend. (Bobby Bergeron)

Toxic Bonkers
Selfmadegod Records
This band plays very intense, brutal death-y, thrashy metal that makes up for their stupid fucking name. Combining the sounds of Napalm Death and early Sepultura. Damn.. I was so ready to rip on this band too. THE METAL GODS HAVE FAILED ME ONCE AGAIN! But seriously, y’all should check this band out on myspace or something (every band has one of these, right?) then realize how fucking right I am and buy this cd. (Bobby Bergeron)

Ipecac Records
I'll admit it: I have never been a huge Unsane fan. But, I did find their video for that song "Scrape" funny, what with all of the skateboard wipeouts, and the song WAS kinda cool. So I'm sitting in the Abbey one night and the guitarist was there, Chris, and he give me a copy of their new CD on Ipecac for a review. I was drunk, forgot about it untl a few days later when I found the disc. So I played it, and DAMN! There's a feeling about this record that I didn't get from their earlier work. Maybe better production, dunno, but this is one tight, well-produced, and full of some really nice hooks. Shows what happens when some determined, sick fucks keep at it. (M. Bevis)

Verse And Radiation
Along The Celestial Ruins
Acerbic Noise Development
Chaotic and precise. Scattered and well put together. Jagged and smooth. Montgomery, Alabama’s V & R are one of those bands who take pride in a well constructed series of parts and off time rhythm signatures, buttering up the sidewalk for the vocalist to come slipping in and out and in between, yelping and chattering gruffly by the watchtower and all along the side of it. Voivod-ish, but doesn’t sound like Voivod. Neurosis-like vocal similarity in some parts, but doesn’t sound like Neurosis. Unsane-style chopped up calculated noise moves, but doesn’t sound like Unsane.
Southern progressive art school damage meets crossover thrash metal in algebra class detention. Robotic shambling and organic steadiness. Prehistoric and avant-garde. Experimental and deliberate. Un-evolved and post-mortem. Lots of people who think they are better than you will say this CD is an instant classic. It ain’t really my pint of cheap 3.99 vodka, but it does grow on me, so check it out and learn about something new today. You lousy shithead. (Mike IX Williams)

God Luck And Good Speed
Southern Lord
For the few of you unfamiliar with the mighty fucking Weedeater, this band features ex-Buzzov*en bassist Dixie Dave Collins and they are determined to crush your fucking head with their heavy, grimy stoner/doom metal. They have grown much tighter as a band, but still crank out the southern sludge that they’re known for, and Dixie’s vocals are as raspy and grunty as ever. (Bobby Bergeron)