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Reviews from Paranoize #19 (Winter, 2005)
Let The Light In
HydraHead Records
Dark, mellow, layered music with soothing female vocals. Too complex to fit in the “pop” category, yet nowhere near metal. This features Jeff Caxide from Isis, and vocalist Maria Christopher provided the lovely vocals on Isis’s “Oceanic” LP. Fans of later Neurosis and Isis should get into this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Split 7”
Throne Records
For me vinyl will never die, but I sure as fuck ain’t one of those anti-compact disc weirdos. I’d like to see alot more tasty wax reviewed, so having said that this 7” split is where I’ll start. Straight up, Abcess ruled L.A.M.F. for a long time, risen from the great eighties death metal legends, Autopsy, they incorporate deep gutteral and scraggly screaming over downtuned to B-flat punk rock, doom riffs and plain old deathed up gore. I’m giddy like a hacked up school girl listenin’ to this. The other side, Spain’s Machetazo, for me personally is heavy and good, just a bit one dimensional. I’d like to hear a full LP, so I”m not gonna dwell on their tunes. BUY THIS! (Michael D Williams)

Apartment 213
demo 2004
This band plays straight up thrash metal with a bit of a modern metalcore sound thrown in., which some would argue is metal to begin with. No pretentious genre-jumping bullshit, just METAL. 4 songs recorded live at Tipitinas, 2 studio-recorded tunes. (Bobby Bergeron)

Back When
Celebration Of Alceste
Imagine It
Chaotic, pummeling metalcore ala Dillinger Escape Plan, which delves into grindcore territory at times with spazztic jazzy outbursts. The vocals are shared between the guitarists and work well together, switching back and forth during each song. (Bobby Bergeron)

Split 7”
Spacement/Service Industry
Bafabegiya play fast, powerful hardcore/punk with a melodic edge in the music and gruff vocals. Not bad, but not the standout on this split. Arabella play noisy hardcore with pissed, screamy female vocals which kind of reminds me of a looser Kylesa (NOT a bad thing, by the way). Not a bad split at all! (Bobby Bergeron)

Beaten Back To Pure
The Burning South
This Dark Reign
BBTP is back with another of southern fried heavy fuckin‘ rock. They’ve improved tons on the musicianship, which shows in the songwriting. The tvocals, while still occasionally belted out with Ben’s gruff yell/growl, are more melodic and the guitarwork is a bit flashier than on their previous efforts. The influence is clearly more along the lines of Lynrd Skynrd than Eyehategod nowadays, and they’re doing damn fine with it!(Bobby Bergeron)

Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us
Prank Records
Ok this is pretty good crust-laden punk from Oakland, CA that, surprise surprise, has a socio-politico-personal edge and an early Neurosis “Pain of Mind” leaning. (Neurosis are from Oakland as well.) There’s nothing new here musically, but I never tired of fast, harsh 80’s style hardcore like this, blazing in and out of the ragged riffs and steady hard ass drumming that’s typical of this genre. The lyrics, spurted out by guitarist Will and bassist Wyatt, question society’s ills, governmental lies and the farce of war. It is possible to learn politics from punk rock, just make sure you form your own opinions; in a world as fucked up as ours, pissed off thrash will never die, Born/Dead are living proof.(Michael D. Williams)

A Decade In The Dark Age
This is a “best of “ of sorts. Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, this band plays death metal with strong black metal influence, but without the cheesy image. Vocals that sound evil as fuck and tasteful use of keyboards. This release spans the 10 years of Catholicon’s existence, starting with a cut from their upcoming album, “The Death Throes of Christianity” and features tunes from several demos and their “Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven” LP. (Bobby Bergeron)

demo 2003
This is ex-members of Icepick Revival doing the heavy instrumental thing. 2 guitars and drums. Lots of spacey effects, start/stop action and technical riffage. (Bobby Bergeron)
self released (no contact info......good luck)
One of my favorite local bands! Fast, old school punk/hardcore in the vein of early D.R.I. with vocals that bring a young Henry Rollins (S.O.A./”Damaged“-era Black Flag) to mind. This demo clocks in just under 10 minutes, and has 11 songs with topics ranging from t.v. to cops to fuckin’ cats. If you’ve been around Dixie Taverne more than once, you’ve probably seen all of these guys there whether they were playing or not. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Head And The Heart
Words can’t describe how fucking awesome this band is. Heavy as fuck chilling, doom-y metal from Arkansas. What I love is their use of sudden mellow sections that just build up and pummel you half to death. Vocals are low, gruff groans with occasional backing shrieks. This would definitely appeal to fans of Rwake, Neurosis, Isis, etc.(Bobby Bergeron)

Self Titled
Sanctuary Records
Discharge; proven forefathers of modern day bass driven and distorted hardcore are still at it, playing a handful of shows in 2003 in the United States with an almost original line-up. The only exception being Rat from The Varukers taking over on vocal shredded throat chores. There’s new material and a DVD in the works, but as of now this LP (released in 2001-2002) is the latest studio threat to society. Cal, their first and only other singer, does the devil’s work here, and returns to his unmistakable, take-no-prisoners yelling style. Those of you who know will remember that during the 80’s, Discharge and especially Calvin, went to a super, all out metal approach with the usual voice replaced with a weird high piches strangled thing. So, those days are over and this self titled record is glorious in it’s Dis-simplicity. Somewhere between the 70’s punk formula they are copied for and metallic atonal guitar parts by good ol’ Bones (who during the crappy period left to do the fantastic Broken Bones) with rhythm by elder-drummer Tezz (Bones’s brother) and bassist Rainy. The incredible 3-chord attack of yesteryear is a bit clean, yet a proud way to forget some of their past mistakes. Stand out track: “Accessories By Molotov”. (Michael D. Williams)

Powerload 7”
Throne Records
More Swedes with Tom Lindberg (Skitsystem, Great Deceiver, etc.) singing. What’s the deal with that? This guy spreads himself a bit thin, but of course he takes the vocal duties to the hilt and yells his freakin’ brains out, mostly about the end of the world. This 3 songer is great and I hope the next full length will be this good. Ok, so let’s to tal up the points” pure unadulterated (albeit evolved) Discharge worship plus rock-and-rollism plus searing metal lead guitar plus crusty anti-war punkness equals a damn fine piece of work from the land of th e hefty riff and the most “Dis” influenced bands next to Japan. (Michael D. Williams)

Eat My Fuk
Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey
Bestial Onslaught
Sopme bands show their influence and allegiance to their favorite peers by copying style, chord progressions, song titles and every little nuance of the groups they call their leaders. Some bands do it well, case in point: Warhammer-great Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worshippers; Bathory’s first LP paid tribute (even though Quorthon will never admit it, especially now that he’s DEAD!) to Venom; Sleep did the Sabbath thing,; B’Last took Black Flag to a new level of greatness; Iron Monkey....uhh, never heard of em, the list goes on. Other groups. like Eat My Fuk do it soblatantly bad, they just plain Suk. GG’s been dead 10 years now, and if he knew he influently created steaming crap like this he’d commit suicide in his grave (just like Jesus did). This is just embarrassing. The song structures, lyrics, band name, etc. all lifted in teh worst way from the Troubled Troubador. The funniest thing is these guys say they’ve never played live. Ain’t that Mr. Allin’s strongest point? I assume they are scared to look like fools. Oh yeah, the cover art is the best thing going about this, looks like a few of my ex-old ladies. Search out GG Allin’s “Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies”, “Suicide Sessions” or any number of great records for the real deal.. News Flash! I just heard from the rumor mill that a few of these guys may or may not be also involved in death metal bands Abcess and the Ravenous. Stick to what you do best guys. (Michael D. Williams)

Anatomy Is Destiny
O.K., I was never really a fan of this band in the past, and I’m not up to date on their catalogue, so I don’t know how to compare this to past releases, but this one isn’t bad at all. This sounds inspired by Carcass and Sadus. Good, old school death metal. I hear some old Kreator in here as well. (Bobby Bergeron)

Platters of Splatter
In a nutshell, Exhumed are a top-notch gore/grind/metal band with an obvious Carcass influence (never a bad thing). This is a two-disc collection of the majority of their now-rare tracks from compilations, split releases and early demos. There are 56 tracks to choose from, so there's plenty of gore-soaked blasting for you personal enjoyment. That may seem like overkill, but this stuff is great. I can play one of these discs beginning to end with no problem. Production values vary quite a bit, but it's mostly raw as fuck noisy goregrind the way it should be. Two CDs of awesome gore metal for the price of one. I don't really see where you could go wrong on this one. Pick it up. It's great to dance to while you take all your clothes off and paint yourself red with the blood of that hitchhiker you've had chained in the basement. Whether or not this arouses you is none of my business. (Alex Hudson)

Eyehategod/Cripple Bastards
split 7”
Southern Lord
This is a newer, unreleased Eyehategod tune. Slow, heavy bluesy, feedback-drenched hardcore blues. You know it. You love it. Cripple Bastards play insane, unpredictable grindcore, with vocals to match. Why don’t you have this split?(Bobby Bergeron)

99 Miles of Bad Road
This a rare demo of 3 tunes that ended up on “Confederacy of Ruined Lives”. This is how I like my Eyehategod. Raw, unpolished, filthy southern doom/sludge goodness.(Bobby Bergeron)

Face Down In Shit
Passing Times
I fucking love this band! Originally hailing from North Carolina, they moved to Portland Oregon recently and released this masterpiece. Crusty hardcore in the vein of His Hero is Gone crossed with Black Sabbath and a dash of Neurosis. Mid-paced and heavy with blazing, fast breaks thrown in for good measure and slow, sludgy sections here and there. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Faeries
Riot In The Hive Mind
Waking Records
Spastic hardcore that is at times fast and chaotic and in an instant, slow and dirge-y. Kind of like Greg Ginn playing for In/Humanity. The only thing that took me a couple of listens to get past was the weird vocal effect thing happening on the whole recording. I’m so used to hearing these songs live that it threw me off.(Bobby Bergeron)

Face First
Ignorant Assholes 7”
Blazing fast pissed hardcore with screams shared by 3 of the 4 members of the band. Their lyrics are tongue in cheek and are guaranteed to offend somebody. These guys have been at it for awhile now and it’s awesome that they’re finally getting their music out! (Bobby Bergeron)

Gilla Bruja
VI Fingered Jesus
This band has dropped the “industrial” element that was present on their last album, “Tooth and Nail”, and gone for more of a straight forward mid-paced thrash metal sound with a touch of doom. Unfortunately, all of the songs on this release sound alike, which can be good, if you like one of their songs. This is hit and miss for me.(Bobby Bergeron)

Goatwhore/Epoch Of Unlight
split 7”
Bloated Goat
Goatwhore do a cover of Celtic Frost “Into the Crypt of Rays”, while Epoch of Unlight do Kreator “Betrayer” and At The Gates “Raped By The Light of Christ” on the flipside. I’d call this an excellent tribute to 80’s thrash done by modern black metal bands, but the At The Gates cover pretty much ruins that. Still, an excellent release.(Bobby Bergeron)

O.D. The Album
God Worldwide Records
What a freakin’ mess we go there. Apparently this cat had put out a bunch of homemade albums before and this digipack cd (must be nice to be able to afford to do that) is a cop. or something of his other shit. The cover is a full color photo of “Remi God” himself’s face, pretty bold for the lack of talent found on the disc. Honestly II couldn’t sit though the entirety of each song, but i got the gist of ‘em and the verdict is BAD. All instruments played by this guy, sloppy, 4-track grungeness, tempo off-timing with white boy whimpering vocals, seemingly done only to please himself. Nobody cares man. The only points I can give are for the choice of cover tunes; Rolling Stones “Happy” and Iggy Pop’s “I Got Nothing”; both good songs, it’s too bad the versions here are horrible. I completely support D.I.Y. philosophy and there’s that little often overlooked thing called freedom of speech, so I really don’t know where I’m going with this except’ say God, keep on keepin on, my nigga, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and all that. If it sucks, it just plain sucks... (Michael D. Williams)

Grim Aria
Nothing Says Love Like Revenge
Whoa! Brutal thrash/ metal (that some dumbass is probably calling “hardcore” or whatever) with visciously screamed vocals along the lines of Watch Them Die. My only complaint is that there are only 4 songs! Watch for this band!(Bobby Bergeron)

Hawg Jaw
Send Out The Dogs
While I’ve heard most of the tracks on here (a good bit of them have appeared on compilations ), it’s good to finally see another Hawg Jaw full-length come my way! This compiles one of the Living Room Studio sessions from when Holly Peters was playing bass for them, and a 4-track recording featuring Spickle’s rhythm section (Bret Davis and Kenny Sumera) . What do they sound like? Heavy, filthy hardcore with a healthy dose of southern sludge thrown in the mix. Kind of like playing “Animosity” -era Corrosion Of Conformity at 33 rpm instead of 45. (Bobby Bergeron)

Hog Mountin’
Slow-moving, heavy as fuck sludge. Churning, punishing riffs, and screams of agony and despair. This just drags along with no sign of speeding up or letting go. More akin to the Noothgrush /Grief than Eyehategod./Cavity. The sounds of tortured hostages being beheaded while you sit, bound and blindfolded, waiting to die.(Bobby Bergeron)

In Splendor
Total turbo-deathmetal! This is generally all about the speed and they don't really disappoint on that front. Actually there are plenty of variations in the music to keep it interesting, without trying to be so overly technical that it kills the song (a flaw too many bands these days have). In fact much of the material doesn't sound forced and has a natural flow to it despite the franticness of some of the riff changes, not unlike Morbid Angel, who seem to be an obvious influence. I don't listen to this style much, but every once in awhile you just gotta have something faster than fast and tighter than your little sister. I don't know if I could listen to this all the way through on a regular basis, but this disc isn't bad. Use this as the soundtrack to your wallowing in the shadows as you curse the forces of light. (Alex Hudson)

Hope And Suicide/Emmanuel.7
Protocol One
I am a huge fan of Bloodlet, so I was very excited when I opened my mailbox and found this waiting for me! Hope And Suicide features Bloodlet’s former vocalist. This is along the same lines as Bloodlet....dark, metallic hardcore with lots of twists and turns. Scott does a bit more actual singing in Hope And Suicide than he did in Bloodlet but he pulls it off very well. Their half of the split ends with a heavy southern rockin’ track and is fuckin’ excellent. Emmanuel.7 has a very similar sound. So similar in fact that I didn’t realize that the Hope And Suicide tracks were over the first time I listened to this cd.. Not that it’s a horrible thing, necessarily, since I was still diggin’ it before discovering that it was indeed Emmanuel.7 that I was listening to. Their half ends with a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” done in metalcore fashion. Impressive.(Bobby Bergeron)

Kill The Client
Wage Slave
Brutal fuckin’ grindcore along the lines of Napalm Death. On “Wage Slave”, Kill The Client blast through 11 tunes in 15 minutes. Demonic high and low roars over chaotic blast beats and whirlwind guitars. Hate life? Like destroying shit? Check these guys out.(Bobby Bergeron)

Lay To Waste
No Shape Or Regret
From out of fuckin’ nowhere (o.k., Lafayette, LA actually) comes Lay To Waste. Brutal as fuck chaotic death metal with a healthy dose of grindcore tossed into the mix. Pissed vocals, blasting drums that don’t let up for a second and technical guitar work. Fucking watch for this band! (Bobby Bergeron)

Lost It/Igon
split cd
Lost It (featuring members of Seventh Gate) play a graceful mix of sludge and stoner rock Heavy as fuck heavily distorted slowly churning music that picks up just to drag again, with vocals that range from growls/screams to melodic groans. Igon do 2 tracks of noise with lots of tribal percussion, bass and keyboards. a bizarre combination of bands for a split.(Bobby Bergeron)

Magrudergrind/Vomit Spawn
split 7"
Magrudergrind is hyper grindcore/powerviolence with vocals that sound like a man getting his hand crushed in an industrial accident. Vomit Spawn’s side of the split was recorded live... on a boom box or something... can’t really make out what’s going on, but... it’s grindcore. Drums, guitars that sound like a wall of distortion, and somebody screaming and yelling and growling.(Bobby Bergeron)

At War With Black Metal 7”
While hearing Mangina on record doesn’t match up to their insane 3-ring-circus of a live show, their music isn’t just some shit they threw together to have something to do while they act like morons on stage. Fast paced thrashy punk/hardcore with tongue in cheek lyrics attacking people in line in the grocery, and Norwegian, Swedish, and Texas black metal.. Side B is a cover of Celtic Frost “Dethroned Emperor”. (Bobby Bergeron)

Martyr A.D.
On Earth As It Is In Hell
Brutal, technical thrash metal (or “hardcore” if you’re under 30). Lots of double bass kick drums and technical guitar wizardry mixed with chugging riffs, harmonics, and pummeling breakdowns. The vocals don’t really stand out, as I’ve heard at least a few dozen other bands that sound like this guy. This isn’t bad at all, but if you’re looking for something “different” in the realm of metalcore, this isn’t the band for you.(Bobby Bergeron)

Memory As Perfection/Scent of Human History
split LP
Memory As Perfection (whose members hail from Baton Rouge and New Orleans) do jazzy screamo type stuff. I like what they’re doing. Innovative band, and their songs stick with you after you hear them. Scent of Human History isn’t very memorable. I can’t say I enjoyed their side of the split very much.(Bobby Bergeron)

Misery/Toxic Narcotic
Perhaps I’m the wrong person to be reviewing this. I know Misery has bee n around since the stone age and blah blah blah but, despite seeing their name in countless reviews and interviewed in ‘zines since my teens, and seeing their patches surrounded by safety pins and studs on the jackets of smelly people, I’ve never been exposed to their music and know little of their history or how good they may have once been. What I hear on this release sounds tired and redundant. Not bad, but it doesn’t make me want to throw bottles at cop cars or anything.
Toxic Narcotic, on the other hand, I have been following since their demo days and they have never failed to impress. For the most part this is fast, pissed punk/hardcore, slowing down on one tune, then jumping right back into the blasting speed the next. This split is worth it just for these 5 Toxic Narcotic tunes!(Bobby Bergeron)

From Shreveport, LA comes the heavy, noisy 2-man monster called Mouthbreather. I’d compare this to early Isis (“Mosquito Control”-era) with a bit of Today Is The Day thrown in. I hope they make their way down to New Orleans sometime!(Bobby Bergeron) New Society Of Anarchists
Come Out Swingin’
Hardcore along the lines of Sick of it All with metally breakdowns. Pissed, yelled vocals that get growly at times.. Nothing really new, but refreshing in the sense that it’s not all “chugga chugga ding ding chugga chugga ding ding”. You know what I mean.(Bobby Bergeron)

Ocean Chief
The Oden Sessions
Church Of Doom
O.k... I love the slow heavy doom/sludge stuff, but, since I have a very short attention span, and this cd clocks in at a little over an hour with only 4 songs on it, it’s kind of hard for me to sit her e and listen to it all in one take. I have no complaints at all about the quality of the songs, the production, or anything else... this is heavy as FUCK, crushing doom, with quiet, trippy parts then building back up to bludgeoning heaviness. In fact the only thing that’s keeping this from being flawless to my ears is the length of the tunes. Fans of Sleep, Bongzilla, Soulpreacher, and early Melvins will eat this shit up! (Bobby Bergeron)

This full length from Pensacola’s Parabellum is LONG overdue, but well worth the wait! Very heavy on the doom this time, but not totally edging out the brutal mid-paced thrash metal that is prevalent in their earlier material. Sick vocals, and bass guitar high in the mix, but not drowning anything out, which gives them extra points in my book. They call their sound “swamp metal”, which is about right... borrowing from the late 90’s Louisiana metal sound , but putting their own spin on it. Highly recommended.(Bobby Bergeron)

Pig Destroyer
Painter Of Dead Girls
Robotic Empire
An excellent collection of now rare tracks from the infamous grind trio. Includes the tracks from the split 3" with Benumb, the 7" picture disc on Reptillian (also the same tracks from the Gnob split CD) and a few extras, including covers by the Stooges, Dwarves, and Helmet (which absolutely slays BTW). For the uninitiated, PD plays grindcore with a prominent metal and hardcore edge. Total bastardized crossover. Frantic speed, lethal breakdowns, and what appears to be plenty of Dark Angel riffs stolen while under the influence of PCP. For those that are picky about lyrics: well, I don't know when this guy stopped taking his meds, but I sure as hell would hate to meet any of his ex-girlfriends. That is, if they aren't scattered in pieces in some ditch. Someone has issues. I wish I had a band like this to vent to. May this band reign forever. This CD also includes some CDROM footage of them playing live. I'm a computer idiot though, so I haven't seen it yet. Supposedly some sweet shit though. (Alex Hudson)

Preacher Gone To Texas
From The Heartland
Sinister Records
Being an old school dirtbag traditionalist I have to admit that from the opening chords of piano here, I prepared for the worst case scenario. While I’m sure P.G.T.T. gets lumped in with the new emo bands (or, as I hate to say, “screamo”) this Cd also contains elements of pounding, gruff hardcore and heavy east coast mosh breakdowns, certainly way fuckin’ heavier than most of these emo outfits I’ve heard. I’m far from an expert on this stuff but for a new sound, I find myself getting into it more and more. The vocals are gravelly and downright aggro-pissed, interspersed with spoken parts here and yonder, and the most suckass aspect overall, a few whiny yelps. The gee-tars chop n chug to almost full halts, lettin’ space in between riffs, modifying the power ration 100%. Like I said this is a new area for me, but being open minded to something different, I’m diggin’ it. (Michael D. Williams)

Rat In A Bucket
Ugliness And Despair
Psychotic, chaotic grindcore! Each of their songs must have at least 2 dozen riffs and time changes. The length of their tunes has lengthened a bit... one song on this cd clocks in at nearly 5 minutes! Gone are the days of the 50 second rat in a bucket tunes. Shaun’s vocals are over the fucking top this time around, alternating from his pissed off scream to low growls. This band has always been beyond amazing, and just gets better and tighter every time I hear them.. There’s no good reason why, with this talent, that they’re still in the “demo” stage. (Bobby Bergeron)

Shifty Records
Whoa! This floored me from the second I put it on! Heavy, pissed hardcore with a good bit of sludge thrown in. The vocals are pissed screams for the most part, but occasional and tasteful low crooning (ala Dax Riggs) is present at times. This features members and ex-members of other bands, none of which sound like Rue, so i won’t even bother mentioning them. This is constantly in my cd player, and should be in yours too! Unsurprisingly, another damn impressive Shifty Records release.(Bobby Bergeron)

The Scripts
Jeth Row (available at Rocks Off RPM)
Yes! Finally! Since their last release, they’ve lost a guitarist and developed their sound around a 3-piece line-up playing filthy, energetic rock n’ roll with a punk edge that’s as sharp as a fuckin’ switchblade knife, motherfucker! This is one of my favorite bands to see live (favorite place to see them is at the Circle Bar). Check them out next time they play, and buy this fucking record!(Bobby Bergeron)

demo ‘04
While this line-up isn’t exactly “new” anymore, this is the first thing they’ve recorded since Jay reformed this band with members of Demise. The aggression has been multiplied tenfold, and they’ve developed their own intense down-tuned metalcore sound. There are only 3 songs here, leaving this particular listener craving MORE. Hopefully a label will notice all the racket this band is making and put out a full-length. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Spades
Learnin’ The Hard Way
The Spades? Oh I get it, they’re black! Now that we’ve got that out of the way... this is an energetic punk ROCK band that sounds like The Humpers with the bastard child of a gay sex encounter between GG Allin and Lemmy from Motorhead on vocals. When I start getting bored with this, the lyrics grabbe my attention andmake me smirk , with lines like “One day you’ll miss me and my huge cock too, but I’m gone. I’ll be walkin’” So yeah, most of these songs revolve around dead girls and the size of the vocalist’s dick. I wish this hadn’t sat in the bottom of the review pile for so long. Fun!(Bobby Bergeron)

Steady Hookin’
With a cover featuring an angel hanging from a noose over a background of artistically laid out blood droplets, I feared some bad artsy emo stuff. Good thing I was wrong. What we have here is some balls-out noiserock, with a decent emphasis on the "rock" part most of the time. Some bits get a bit monotonous, but other tracks they kick into full on RAWK mode. Mostly the tunes are quality, could be a bit catchier, but I think they're trying to avoid that. I will say though that I've had some of these songs stuck in my head. This has some thick, raunchy production, with meaty guitar tones and fuzzy vocals. (Alex Hudson)

Like Sleep? Like Trouble? If not, then stop reading. Heavy as fuck (Yes, I say that a lot. No, I haven’t counted how many times I’ve said that this issue) doom from that sounds like a cross between Sleep and Trouble. This music is just crushingly heavy. There are Christian lyrics here, which will turn some people away, but... this is just so damn heavy! When they played at Dixie Taverne, the p.a. blew, so they played instrumentally. Again HEAVY!(Bobby Bergeron)

Twin Earth
I’m not into these Starchild tunes as much as on their full length. It’s heavy, but just... I don’t know.. doesn’t grab my attention. Rebreather, on the other hand, fucking KILL! Noisy doom/sludge with angrily screamed vocals. Mix -16-, Isis and Meatjack and you get Rebreather! They’ll be playing Angela and Sarah’s birthday party on January 22nd at the Howlin’ Wolf, so be there or be fucking stupid! I want more Rebreather! MORE! (Bobby Bergeron)

Suppression return with another lovely, chaotic disaster with their bass/drum/echoey vocal spazz grind noise. Featuring last-man-standing Jason Hodges on bass/vocals and Ryan (from Darkest Hour) on drums. Atomatron is also a noisy beast featuring bass/drums/vocals. This is a bit more on the Butthole Surfers side of insane, noisy rock. (Bobby Bergeron)

Swarm of the Lotus
When White Becomes Black
At A Loss
Dark, brooding, metallic noisecore. Listening to this is like spending a day in an insane asylum against your will. Tormented vocals and just heavy, chaotic, unpredictable music that takes you through many twists and turns just in one song; and since there are 11 tunes on here, you’re in for a hell of a ride. Fans of Today Is The Day, Neurosis and Mastodon will definitely find something in this.(Bobby Bergeron)

Taste Of Fear
Good ol’ Daryl; ex- Citizens Arrest NYC (who destroyed in their time, seen and find the “Collossus” LP for intense, potent hardcore done right on). Well, this is his band evolved from the dust of the aforementioned and is quite the selection/collection. Everything from the ‘91 demos to compilation tracks, split EP cuts from 7”s with Disrupt and Unholy Grave, covers songs (Sweden’s Fear of God) and a giddyup giddyup this little pig got plowed over by a moving train and on and on etc. This is an A-number-one discography ‘cos T.O.F. were/are incredible. Including AK-47 drumming, vocals running the field from hardcore to crusty do death and black metal and plain all out damn bashing upside ya head. For completists and fans only, but a good place to start for freaks. Don’t forget Citizens Arrest! (Michael D. Williams)

Beast Eye Opened To The Sky
Bestial Onslaught
Raw, dirty black metal! Fast, blasting music with slow, doom-y breaks, evil, screechy vocals with lots of reverb, and a lo-fi recording. This is classic Norwegian-style black metal done to perfection.(Bobby Bergeron)

Distress and the Inversionist
This is the blackmetal alterego of some members of Unearthly Trance. Right from the start, you can tell this self-released and home packaged CDR is going to be something different. Consisting of one track running just over 18 minutes, Thralldom takes me someplace I'm not sure I want to go. Starting with a droning opening riff that sounds like it was recorded with a microphone that was buried in the ground, then becoming cut short by a totally scathing and totally fucking raw fast, repetetive blackmetal riff. It would be hypnotizing if it didn't peak the levels of my discomfort. Then it gets a little odd. The repetition gives way to thick almost lush walls of noise, which ebb and flow burying the vocalist’s curses of the light. The changes of this track continue, varying from a return to the main BM riff, to droning loops of earth-like sounds, to power electronics/noise, to total doomy dirges. This is like Throbbing Gristle producing Darkthrone or perhaps, if Abruptum were more thought out and composed their material for maximum effectiveness. (Alex Hudson)

The Hurt Process
Drive By Monologue
Emotionally driven hardcore. A genre I often have issues with because it's either A: not my thing; B: overdone as of late; or C: I forget what C was supposed to be. This has the usual style aspects: clean somber moments that climax with dueling clean /coarse vocalists. There are also plenty of chunkier bits for good measure. I honestly don't mind stuff like this on occasion, but this particular disc really hasn't done much for me. Well-recorded and pretty well executed, it just doesn't really strike me. Cool Derek Hess cover art. (Alex Hudson)

Toby Wong
2 song demo
Down and dirty GG/Murder Junkies inspired punk rock on one tune, the other a bluesy dirge. I love this and want to hear MORE! (yes, something else that I’ve been repeating over and over this issue).(Bobby Bergeron)

Uphill Battle
Wreck Of Nerves
On their sophomore release for Relapse, UB go and take things up a notch with their blend of metal and hardcore. Don't mistake this for Hatebreed-style metalcore; this is far more imaginative. Here they are attempting to make things as chaotic and frantic as possible. Riffs upon riffs breaking apart into a whirlwind of crazed time changes that seem determined to be there just to fuck with your head. Dissonant hardcore gives way to technical metal leads which then run into slamming chunky riffing or all-out blastbeats. In the live setting this band is very impressive. My main issue with this, though, is it sometimes seems that they forgot to write songs and we end up with layers upon layers of chaos. It does get better over time. I guess this is what they call a challenging listen. Basically my feelings are mixed on this. Great musicianship and effective, crisp production. The bass is much more audible this time around.(Alex Hudson)

Wake Up On Fire
Torture Garden Picture Company- or
This is just amazing! This band showed up at Dixie Taverne during the Hawg Jaw/Dove/Scrotesque show and played a set after the show was over and were a very nice surprise. Heavy crust/doom/death from Maryland with 2 drummers, 2 guitars, bass and cello with all of the members of the band handling vocals. Neurosis comparisons are inevitable, which isn’t a bad thing at all to me, since I like Neurosis and all of the bands that have borrowed from their sound. I can’t wait to hear this band’s future releases, because this is an excellent introduction to what they have to offer (Bobby Bergeron)

demo 2004
Manic, unpredictable chaotic metal from New York City that jumps from thrash to doom to trippy/psychedelic . Vocals range from a weird squeal to vicious yells to growls. While bands like this can sometimes become “too much” for the listener, these guys manage to keep it interesting. (Bobby Bergeron)

Various Artists
Destroys All: A Tribute To Godzilla
This is not your usual tribute album, that’s for sure. Instead of yet another semi-classic band getting their songs butchered by a bunch of mediocre unknown bands, we get 15 underground groups paying homage to the greatest of all of Japan’s classic movie beasts. Covering almost every style of “slow”, the styles of the band run from ambient doom, to total fuzzed-out stoner rock, to the sickest of sludgecore merchants. Here’s a partial rundown for you: MAMMOTH set the stage with solitary droning guitars and druid monk-like chanting. Hypnotising. SLOTH slam us with a brief moment of their basement slowgrind (what comp. On Shifty records is complete without a track by them?), that comes and goes all too quickly. HANGNAIL, surprisingly the odd band out on this compilation, bust out some fast punk rock. Fast and ugly. GIGANTSAURUS just flat out crush balls with their so-slow-it-becomes-spatial doomsludge. They win for best song title with “Reptilian Tonnage of Gargantuan Enormity”. They bear a strong resemblance to Goatsblood and coincidentally are from the same place as that Vancouver-based band. Hmmmmmmm. SPACE FACE bust out a brief, fuzzy moment of classic Blue Cheer-inspired rock. FISTULA-Are just plain scary on “King Kong Is Dead”. Dreadful stuff indeed….in a good way. DOT(.), oddly the only band from Japan on this compilation, deliver some nasty-assed doom. Ghost –like feedback lingers beneath behemoth riffs. This is kind of like earlier Corrupted material from the early ‘90s. Devastating stuff. RWAKE provide us with a rather heavy, but tripping moment in time. There’s several more tracks of everything from psychedelic rock to grinding hardcore to even more nasty doom and stoner rock from TERMINAL LOVERS, PATHETICISM, LEVIATHAN A.D., THIRD DEGREE BURNOUT, THE CRUNKY KIDS, AND SOLACE (who provide on hell of a heavy trip to close this disc). All of which are great. Awesome shit. Not much in the liner notes/info department , but awesome artwork nonetheless. I can easily say that his compilation is top notch stuff and definitely worth your hard earned buck. (Alex Hudson)