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Army Of Jesus
Prosperity 7”
Book Bomb 7”
Damn fine hardcore along the lines of Poison Idea. Aggressive and full of energy! I caught this Austin, TX band at the Circle Bar (opening for Face First) and they were just amazing!

Artimus Pyledriver
If AC/DC were from the southern U.S., or if Bon Scott sang for Lynrd Skynrd, this is what they’d sound like. Down and dirty mud-ridin‘, whiskey swiggin’, confederate flag wavin’ rock n roll, baby. Beaten Back To Pure, Alabama Thunderpussy ,etc. fans will dig this.

Bafabegiya/Acts Of Sedition
Split LP
2 bands that do hardcore right. Both bands play old school style hardcore mixed in with some chugging metal here and there. Good stuff!

The Death Throes Of Christianity
Negativity Records-www.negativity
This has FINALLY gotten a proper release. Blackened death metal from Baton Rouge, LA. Recorded in 2004, this album (their second full-length) was supposed to be released on a couple of labels, but finally saw the light of day thanks to Negativity Records. Why this band , after being around for 12 years, gets virtually NO recognition in Louisiana, while some local “celebrities” can fart on a boom box and it’s considered musical genius is beyond me.

Dead Radical
Rottenness 7”
Super-fast thrash/grind. Blistering power violence with insane vocals. 20 songs on a fuckin’ 7”! Fuck yeah!

Dead To Fall
The Phoenix Throne
I’m glad I gave this another chance. Everytime I get a package from Victory these days, I never know if I’m going to get either another emo cd, or another generic metal core cd. Upon first listen, I skimmed through a few songs, thought “wonderful… another metalcore band”, muttered something in disgust, and threw it in the bottom of the pile. Upon my second listen, I hear a damn good technical metal band, bordering on death metal with hardcore undertones and brutal vocals.

Face Down In Shit
Nothing Positive Only Negative
I’m so glad these guys got picked up by Relapse! Filthy crusty southern-fried sludge core. They pick up the pace here and there only to return to a crawl. Good reference points would be Buzzov*en, Bongzilla and His Hero Is Gone. Why don’t you already own this?

Drown 6 Down
I’ve known these guys (well, the Thibodaux brothers… Lee-vocals and Kerry-bass) since the mid 90’s when I briefly lived in Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi. I was fucking ecstatic to hear that they picked up the pieces and kept going after Katrina shit all over the Gulf Coast. This band has always been hard to review, because there’s so much going on. They’ve done nothing but progress in the 12 years that they’ve been a band. Musically, they’ve got kind of an odd-timed old school death metal thing going. The vocals are very reminiscent of Peter Steele via the first Carnivore album. This was recorded in 2004, but was released in late 2005 due to delays and obstacles.

Frog Versus Bear Sessions demo
Ridiculously heavy, churning, doom-y sludge from Finland that brings Noothgrush and Sour Vein to mind. I believe Shifty Records is carrying these as well. This is just…damn… heavy.

Hawg Jaw
Don’t Trust Nobody
This album has been recorded 3 times and was supposed to have been released by 3 different labels, but it’s finally seeing the light of day! This ain’t pretty. Straight up NOLA hardcore played loud and dirty… gets sludgy here and there, but stays aggressive and at your fucking throat for the duration of the album, and Mike D’s vocals are fierce as usual. This is the first official recording with Paul Webb handling the bass duties and as expected, he does a hell of a job. This is due out in September.

Hallows Eve
History Of Terror box set.
Metal Blade Records-www.metal
This brings back memories of my introduction to underground metal in the mid/late 80‘s. Listening to WTUL on Saturday nights from midnight to 2 a.m. while Steve and Drew spun records by Nuclear Assault, Voivod, Slayer, Wargasm, Indestroy and Hallows Eve.
This includes re-mastered versions of their 3 Metal Blade releases: Tales Of Terror, Death & Insanity and Monument, demo and rehearsal recordings with covers of Alice Cooper, Exciter and Warrior tunes, another disc of 4 live recordings, and a live dvd with 4 shows on it. Complete with liner notes, lyrics, photos.For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hallows Eve (I’m sure there are a few of you… they didn’t get their well-deserved 15 minutes during the 80’s speed/thrash metal era), Speed/thrash metal with more of a lean to classic metal with vocals that are shouted and sometimes sung, but without the cheesy metal wailing. If you’ve ever seen the movie Rivers Edge, their song, “Lethal Tendencies” is in the soundtrack… you know, the one that goes “Out of love, out of mind. Out of foooood out of time/ those who live do not care. A taste of war, a taste of death” and has that riff that makes you want to punch someone in the fucking jaw.
The price of this can’t be beat! I got it for $20 at Tower Records.

Can Justin Broadrick do wrong? Seriously, can he? On this ep, Jesu stirs up more positive emotions; calming and soothing, yet still dark and heavy. While there are some strands of Godflesh in these 4 songs, it’s still very different, but perfection nonetheless.

Kill The Queen
Kill The Queen is amongst the crop of new metal bands coming out of the Northshore. Sort of along the lines of Darkest Hour and Himsa, with screechy vocals and melodic guitar work thrown in here and there. Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing what this band grows into.

Drugs And Mayo 7”
Mangina return with a one-sided, 2-song 7”. Not sure what the deal is here, since there are 4 songs listed, and it come with a cdr with 2 more songs on it. Odd. Either way, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Mangina. Fast, crazy punk/metal from New Orleans finest. (Yes, I’m aware that they’re not all from/in New Orleans anymore. Fuck you.)

Demo 2006
O.k., this took a few listens to get into. What you’ve got here is a rock ‘n roll band with a little punk seeping in here and there. Kind of like early Kiss meets the Ramones. By now their full-length, “Days of Darkness” should be out. They’re playing around town a lot these days, so check ‘em out and decide for yourself. Jeremy Falgoust (ex-Stressball/Infant Slug) is drumming for them now too!

Moment Of Truth
Room Temperature
A nice mix of old school hardcore and modern metal core here. Musically it’s got a fair mix of breakdowns, melodic guitar licks here and there, some of the “chugga chugga” type stuff, and a little of the old-school nyhc style. Vocals are definitely of the old-school hardcore variety. Shouted, with some spoken parts. Nice.

Pitts Vs. Preps
Below And Beyond
This recording features ex-members of Exhorder (Kyle Thomas), Rigid (Scott Guion and Rolando Chicas), Weedeater/Phantom Power (Jason Portera), and Supagroup (Mark Brill) playing old school metal along the lines of early Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, with a modern edge. Kyle sounds better than ever, and this band is fucking TIGHT!!! This was supposed to be released in late 2005, but Katrina fucked that up. Since then, the band has acquired a new rhythm section (Andy Sheperd from Clearlight and Alex Ducros from the Detrimentz/Skab/Runesong/Catch Velvet.) If you’re a fan of classic metal, then you must own this!

Powerman 5000
Destroy What You Enjoy
Ever wonder what happens when you put a cd in the microwave? Kind of like a mini 20-second laser light show in your microwave! It’s pretty cool! Well, except for the amount of time it takes to get the smell of burnt cd out of your house.

Recovery Period
Conviction To Resistance
Screamy indie rock from Biloxi, Mississippi. Intense music that builds up from silence to an emotional rush of sound with harsh vocals. Caught this band in a gutted house in mid-city with Hundred Eyes and Holy Mountain.

Rise Above
This is ex-members of Haate, Elimination, Soilent Green, and Suckhole playing old school metal tinged hardcore. No matter how good I tell you that this band is, it won’t change the fact that they’ve decided to call it a day in the last few months. You can hear 4 of these songs on their myspace page, and maybe if you beg enough, you may be able to get a copy of their demo out of them if they have any left. Now, whether this hiatus is permanent or not, time will only tell. They definitely had an excellent chemistry and bashed out some kick ass hardcore in their short lifespan as a band.

Seventh Gate
Folie A Trois
Seventh Gate’s sound teeters on the line between death metal and grindcore. This is their third offering, 5 songs with a stripped down line up (3-piece… vocals, guitar and drums) yet they’re tight and as brutal as ever. Steve’s vocals are just sick this time around!

Slow The Knife
The Rhetoric’s Guide To Self-Infliction
Ever wonder what happened to Fuel (who changed their name to Fractured then sort of disappeared)? This is what the vocalist and guitarist are up to now. With John’s unique vocal style, and carl writing the riffs, there will obviously be Fuel/Fractured comparisons… but that’s not a bad thing. Metal with hardcore undertones (especially in “Militant Ico”).

2006 demo
New Orleans own instruMETALists return with 11 tunes of high energy rock with definite punk/hardcore influences. Mellows out here and there with some trippy, moody stuff, but always kicks back into the ROCK. Here’s where I namedrop: members of Dulac Swade, Hawg Jaw and Soilent Green.

True Self
DRT Entertainment
You know how “soiled” is another word for something that’s been pooped on? Perfect name for this band. Poop. O.k. I guess I should at least give this a half-assed review.Radio-ready “alternative rock” that grates my fucking nerves. This sounds like Drowning Pool meets Staind or some shit. Ugh… the more I listen, the more I want to punch this vocalist in the fucking mouth.

Soilent Green/Sulaco
Split 7”
This kicks off with Soilent Green doing “Numb Around The Heart” which totally caught my ear when I first heard it because it’s recycled Nuclear Crucifixion and old Soilent Green riffs (from “Nuclear Vomit” and “Deformed) beefed up a thousand percent with new lyrics.
Sulaco plays 2 songs of technical metal with ferociously screamed vocals. A damn good combination on this split!

We’re Only In It For The Honey
Gimme More
It’s about time this cd gets released! If you like straight up, raw rock ‘n roll, look no further. We’re Only In It For The Honey’s sound falls somewhere between the Stooges and the Rolling Stones. Bass duties on this recording are handled by Don Toscano from the mighty Snake Oiler, who has recently been replaced by Paul “Switchblade” from the Macgillicuddys. Rock n’ fuckin’ roll baby!

Wolfgang Bang
What Are You Going To Do?
Don’t know what to make of this band. Sounds like William Hung (you know, that mongoloid that got his 5 minutes of fame by singing Ricky Martin songs all retard-like on American Idol) singing for the Ramones. Your move