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Reviews From Paranoize #24

Tortuga Records
Okay, this might be a little too far out there for some, but I actually like this one more and more. 5ive are an experimental outfit that likes to do long, ponderous excursions in sound, and sometimes pull it off if I’m loaded enough. They have conjured up some really heavy pieces that resonate with a kind of zombified plodding that can work well, and Versus is as good a place to start as any. The best feature on this e.p. is that between the two overly long tracks, there are also two remixes by ex-Godflesh front man Justin Broadrick, who is no stranger to making slow motion soundscapes. If you like to get baked and just zone the fuck out, this will do the trick. (M. Bevis)

Alabama Thunderpussy
Open Fire
Relapse Records
So it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to mention first in this review. NOLA’s own Kyle Thomas (Exhorder/Floodgate/Jones’s Lounge/Pitts Vs. Preps) is handling the vocals on this sixth album from Alabama Thunderpussy. If you’ve kept up with this band over the years, you know what’s goin’ on here. Heavy whiskey-fueled southern rock with a nod to classic metal. Kyle, as can be expected does a stellar job in the vocal department, and the rest of the band just keeps on crankin’ out the same quality rock that they’re known for. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Berzerker
Earache Records
Industrial grind madness. This sounds kinda like what the result would be if Carcass used a drum machine. At this moment I’m diggin’ this, but I’m not sure if it’ll be getting a regular spot in the ol’ cd changer anytime soon. (Bobby Bergeron)

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Demo 2006
Wow, this sure is a long band name! Luckily, they have long songs to back it up! Prepare to get your head fucking crushed! Former members of a some of Lafayette’s heaviest (Icepick Revival, Collapsar, Hooves, etc.) got together to form this triumvirate of DOOM! Slow, churning doom that at times plods along at a medium pace while the vocal duties are shared between Ryan and Dave. They’ve got a few split releases coming up, so watch for them! (Bobby Bergeron)

Blood & Time
At The Foot of the Garden
Neurot Recordings
Another side project from the multi-disciplined creative camp that Neurosis has evolved into. This is not so much surprising as it is satisfying, in that there is familiar Neurosis territory, but is different enough to demand attention. Scott Kelley and Noah Landis are the two main culprits, joined by a assured rhythm section. The feel here is sparse, and isolated, with the usual outbreaks of angst-ridden distortion and bombast. Very moody and brooding, but at the same time comes across as lighter and more spacious than the wall of paranoia and claustrophobia Neurosis creates. Real fans will want this; otherwise you might want to preview it first. (M. Bevis)

At A Loss Recordings
Belgian sludge/doom that is at times too drawn out and droney. While I am into what they’re doing for the most part, at times the songs just seem to drag on forever. (Bobby Bergeron)

Treatise On The Abyss
Negativity Records
Yes, another Catholicon review in this ‘zine. It seems as though I always have a mention of them in here, but damnit if they don’t deserve it. Baton Rouge’s least respected black/death metal export, Catholicon, have finally caught up with themselves and released a new album (their third!) in a reasonable amount of time and this is their most brutal work yet! This vocalist just does not sound human! His vocal style embodies a high pitched shriek and a gutteral growl simultaneously, and he pulls it off live too, so this is no studio trickery here. Check them out on myspace at and make your move. dc siht yuB (ß--------------backwards message brah!) (Bobby Bergeron)

Dash Rip Rock
Hee Haw Hell
Alternative Tentacles
So I’ve lived in the New Orleans area my whole life and managed to go 20 years without hearing this band. Avoiding them at every show or festival they managed to play at. And what fucking happens? I GET A FUCKING CD TO REVIEW IN MY FUCKING ‘ZINE! And another question. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING ON ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS? This is the label that brought us the Dead Kennedys and Neurosis. THIS DISGUSTS ME. THIS IS SHIT. I FUCKING HATE THIS BAND.
(Bobby Bergeron)

The Dead See
Through The Veil
Pluto Records
This band played the last Paranoize Productions show at th eDixie Taverne before Katrina took it away. Heavy fucking doomy metal along the lines of Neurosis/Isis from Lubbock, Texas. The songs from the Beyond The Lake Of Sleep demo are here, and 5 more. Good noisy heavy stuff! (Bobby Bergeron)

Thrash Anthems
Candlelight Records
This is sort of a “best of” album, from these German thrash masters, but instead of just throwing the old recordings on, the songs have all been re-recorded with 2 new ones thrown in. Normally I’d frown on this sort of thing, but all of the songs are done perfectly and sound just as good, if not better than the originals. THRASH TILL DEATH! (Bobby Bergeron)

Tee Pee Records
Fuckin’ old school metal mannnnn . . . right! What we have here is Matt from High on Fire singing with an erstwhile super group of Bay Area metal fiends pounding out the METAL. This is far better than I anticipated; when I first heard about this I was dubious and thought it was just going to be silly. Not so, as this is a pretty damn fine attempt at filtering that beloved old metal sound and feel through modern sensibilities and abilities. At times it feels genuine, and Mr. Pike does a really fine job at coming up with more than his trademark H.O.F. growl. If they can improve on this with their second disc, this could catch on. Would be amazing if they toured with Pitts vs. Preps, you’d have to break out the bandannas and sleeveless Union Jack shirt for that one, bruh! (M Bevis)

Mr. Beast
Matador Records
Mogwai is a strange beast, which might explain the title of their last recording. At times, they can almost do no wrong, able to match their wall of sound to ones built by Isis and Pelican, almost brick-by-brick. Earlier albums have made me wonder why the underground metal scene hasn’t embraced them tighter, because some of their work is just so damn HEAVY at times. But, on this last album, there is a reason to pause, as the tracks have become much more introspective and obtuse. There is a very real shift to dynamics in the place of a groove, and it makes this a harder listen than any previous Mogwai albums. Although I can’t stop listening to track #2, this still pales in comparison to previous outings. Maybe it’s just a phase . . . (M. Bevis)

Earache Records
Brutal fuckin’ death metal! Kinda reminds me of Hate Eternal, with a little old Deicide thrown in. This drummer fuckin’ KILLS! This is a genre that I’m VERY picky about, and this is one of the few bands in this style that hold my interest for a whole album. (Bobby Bergeron)

Killing Peace
Candlelight Records
Thrash metal legends Onslaught return with Killing Peace. They put out a couple of albums in the 80’s then kind of faced away and reunited in 2005. While there are no real surprises here, this is quality, classic thrash metal done right. Basically if you are into Exodus and Overkill, this will, no doubt have you thrashing about and raising your fist in the air. (Bobby Bergeron)

Place Of Skulls
The Black Is Never Far
Exile On Mainstream Records
I didn’t know what to think of this on first listen, but this has really grown on me the further I’ve gotten into the album. Good heavy rock with a doomy edge. The standout on here for me is the track “Darkest Hour” which is almost a ballad, but stays heavy. After doing a little research, I’ve found that it’s ex members of Pentagram and Oversoul. Makes sense now! Fans of Pentagram, St. Vitus and of course Black Sabbath should dig this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Stinking Lizaveta
Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast
At A Loss Recordings
I first saw this band at Monaco Bob’s sometime in ‘97 I believe, (maybe ‘98 or even ‘96) with Dulac Swade and Hawg Jaw opening, and it was the first time I’d ever seen an all instrumental heavy band. Since then, they’ve played in New Orleans at least a dozen times, if not more, and I never miss them. But, I’ve never owned any of their recordings. Now I do. This is their latest, and it’s just more of what they do. Instrumental metal done with skill and charisma. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Sword
Age of Winters
Kemado Records
Well, well, well, it seems that someone finally picked up the suits of armor that SLEEP left at the drycleaners all that time ago. Prime, grade-A DOOM, if it got cleaned up just enough to crash the prom, and get everyone high. The production is quite good, and there are some interesting time changes in a few spots. As usual, this looks and sounds like Black Sabbath jamming with Gandalf and Saruman, but it rings true throughout most of the disc. No surprises that this is one of those buzz bands, and I’m sure that these guys will have everyone nodding their heads in unison for quite some time. (M. Bevis)

Gravity X
Meteor City Records
The classification “Stoner Rock” has never made sense to me, but in some cases it seems okay to use that term in describing certain bands. This happens when a band fits that particular adjective SO much that it really would be harder to call them something else. That said, Truckfighters are exactly one of those bands, and while there are enough hooks to keep any Stoner devotee playing air guitar for days, it still remains to be seen if this band can cut the test of time. There are just too many songs on this album, and it detracts from the overall impact of the little over half of the play list that really rocks. A good band to check out if you’re into Lowrider or Dozer, but this is another band you should preview first. (M. Bevis)

Type O Negative
Dead Again
SPV Records
Wow. They kind of speed things up this time around, musically bringing back their punk/thrash sound for a bit that was prevalent on “Slow Deep And Hard“, but keeping the vocals melodic and croony with the occasional yell. Make no mistake, this isn’t another Carnivore album, they sound a bit rejuvenated this time around. No cover songs on this one, but enough quality originals like “Profits Of Doom” to make up for it. (Bobby Bergeron)

SPV Records
This goes for the throat from the first note of the first song “Blood Of Lies” and just doesn’t’ let up! These guys have been around for a good while now! I remember first reviewing them in my old ‘zine, Thrashcore. I wish I’d kept up with them, because from this recording, it sounds like they haven’t lost a big of their ferocity over the years. Brutal Swedish death metal! (Bobby Bergeron)

Various Artists
For The Sick: A Tribute To Eyehategod
Emetic Records
This is a 2 disc set with a shitload of bands, so I’ll just let you know which ones stand out…. Kylesa “Left To Starve” is the official standout in my opinion, followed by Kill The Client “Concussion Machine Process”, Deadbird “Children Of God”, Brutal Truth “Sister Fucker”, and I can be here all day just listing bands and which covers they do. (Bobby Bergeron)

With Passion
What We See When We Shut Our Eyes
Earache Records
This band is good and tight, with technical riffing and whatnot but they don’t really sound like a thousand other bands that I’ve heard before. On top of that, the vocals are just annoying. And that’s all I really have to say about this.. (Bobby Bergeron)