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Bands and record labels are encouraged to send in cds and vinyl to Paranoize for review.

While the main coverage in Paranoize is metal (thrash, death, doom, etc.), hardcore (old school and, for shits n’ giggles, even that new stuff that the kiddies are prancing around to these days), sludge, punk, and straight up rock n‘ roll, you’re welcome to send your emo/screamo/whatever garbage. After all, we need something to make fun of. If we trash your band, just get over it. We are not going to kiss your ass because you put out a fucking record.

That said, may send your recordings to:
P.O. Box 15554
New Orleans, LA 70175-5554

Have a splendid fucking day.

A Hanging
Demo 2007 + Live @ Banks St.
Easily one of the best new bands in New Orleans featuring the rhythm section from Daisy (Thomas-bass, Billy-drums), the guitarist from Rise Above (Scott) and Alix, who used to scream for Hammurd Shit. A graceful mix of thrashy hardcore and sludge combined with Alix’s sick screams and Scott throwing down some brutal grunts here and there. I’m sure they’re giving this away at shows, or selling it dirt cheap. Either way, you need to track this down! (Bobby Bergeron)

Arise And Ruin
The Final Dawn
Victory Records
It looks like Victory is trying to redeem themselves by adding some heavier bands to their roster. Arise And Ruin play thrash, and that’s about it. Some bands come out full force with their debut album and it becomes a legendary piece of music that is never topped, and others mature into an unstoppable beast, which I’m hoping is the case with this band. They’ve got the talent, and a hella brutal vocalist, this just sounds like they should’ve demoed their material a bit more before jumping onto a label. (Bobby Bergeron)

The Autumn Offering
Fear Will Cast No Shadow
Victory Records
Will somebody please thow a shoe at this singer? Seriously. This sounds like that fruitcake from Hoobastank or Papa Roach or whatever singing for an 80’s European speed metal band. Whoever thought this was a good idea fucking sucks. (Bobby Bergeron)

Bad Brains
Build a Nation
Megaforce Records
Another band that has reformed in the wake of the release of the documentary “American Hardcore” – although this isn’t just some old hardcore band, as these guys are TRUE legends. It has been argued that the Bad Brains are the progenitors of Hardcore, and that point does carry some considerable weight, considering their contributions to the sound. But, as with many bands of that time and scene, the constant stress and desperation made things unbearable at times. Sure, the Bad Brains did enjoy some success, but never the due they deserved. So it makes sense that while a bunch of new kids are finding out where some of it all started, it was time to show them how it sounds now. Saying that, I can honestly say that “Build a Nation” is easily the best Bad Brains record in over 20 years. Go buy it, and listen to it a few times: do you hear that? It’s one of the best goddamned bands in the world playing like they mean it again. Pretty good for a bunch of old men . . .(M. Bevis)

Belay My Last
The Downfall
Mediaskare Records
A pretty good mix of death metal and modern metalcore. The guitar work on here is a highlight, funning from technical riffage to a brutal breakdown in an instant. Vocals run from deep gutteral growls to shrieks, with gang vocals popped in here and there. A very impressive, aggressive debut.(Bobby Bergeron)

Between The Buried And Me
Victory Records
O.K., so apparently this band is trying to do something “different”. Like, having the vocalist mix generic metal core vocals with some 90’s british alternative shit, and writing 14 minute songs with generic metal core parts then going into something “deep“. I guess I just don’t “get it”. (Bobby Bergeron)

Black Cobra
Feather And Stone
At A Loss Recordings
This is this issue’s band that I won’t shut the fuck up about. Black Cobra consists of 2 guys; Jason Landrian from Cavity on guitar/vocals, and Rafael Martinez from -16- on drums. Therefore you can pretty much guess that you’re in for a severe bludgeoning of the senses. Their sound runs back and forth from doomy to chaotic in an instant. The fact that they’ve played in 2 of the hard hitters in the world of sludge/doom definitely shows in their sound, and saying that they sound like a cross between -16- and Cavity wouldn’t be very far fetched. I recently saw them open for The Sword at One Eyed Jacks, and I had to leave after their set, missing The Sword, because there was really no point in seeing any other live bands that night. If you don’t support this band, I’m going to find you and make fun of you. (Bobby Bergeron)

Blood Red Throne
Come Death
Earache Records
This is some damn good death metal. Tight and executed with precision. Nothing really technical or flashy going on here; just straight forward and brutal, like something that would have come out during the 90’s death metal invasion. No metalcore breakdowns, just death metal done right. (Bobby Bergeron)

Brant Bjork
Somera Sol
Duna Records
As the drummer for both Kyuss and Fu Manchu, Brant Bjork has assured himself a place in groove-based rock history. His solo project, that he has been operating for over ten years now, is decidedly more mellow, but still worth a listen for any true fan of desert-influenced rock. After more than a few amazingly diverse albums recorded completely solo, “Somera Sol” is Brant with a backing band, and some more hair flippin’, comb-in-yr-back-pocket rock. This is the sound of Jeff Spiccoli’s van, filled with dense green haze, underage girls, and cheap wine. Great to blast on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do. (M. Bevis)

Brown Leaf Vertigo
Devils Born In Angels Arms
O.k., this is country versions of Misfits songs. If you like country music, you may like this. If you like country music and the Misfits, you’ll probably like this as well. If you like the Misfits, but don’t like country music, then you won’t like this much. I’m in that category. Nice idea, but not for me. Your move. (Bobby Bergeron)

Code Duello
It Came From The West
If Motorhead were from the Southern U.S., this is what they’d sound like! A mix of groovin’ stoner rock and old punky metal. They’re on hiatus at the moment while they search for a new drummer. Hopefully when they find one they’ll be playing in the New Orleans area more, because they fuckin’ RAWK! (Bobby Bergeron)

Exile On Mainstream Records
Abstract, experimental rock that throws in a little twist right when things get boring and repetitive. I could see enjoying this band live, with a few beers in me. But since I’m listening to a cd, stone cold sober at the moment, this isn’t doing much for me. (Bobby Bergeron)

End Of Level Boss
Inside The Difference Engine
Exile On Mainstream Records
Wow! This surprised the fuck out of me! This sounds like a cross between Kyuss and Confessor with some odd Voivod style arrangements in there. This vocalist can sing his ass off, but doesn’t reach an annoying pitch. Yep! (Bobby Bergeron)

Epthel Duath
Pain Remixes The Known
Earache Records
Uhhhhhh. I don’t know what’s going on here. One song sounds like somebody hitting the forward button on a cd player, another one sounds like running through the dial on a shortwave radio, another sounds like some boring techno garbage. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Electric Wizard
“Witchcult Today”
Candlelight Records
DOOM. Simple as that and that fucking simple. Pounding, bashing, trampling your face into powder via riffs, and with enough horrowshow vibe to spare. Bastard offspring of Sabbath, but only by marriage. Miscarriage, gore, and dusty video nasties – horror, Dunwich style. A cleaner production doesn’t slow them down one bit, as the Wizard churn up the DOOM yet again, still finding offal crusted in the cracks. Not much else to say except if you like this band, you will love this; it swells, it drones, it squirms, and it oozes . . . just as it should be then. Heavy as fuck; son of a bitch, heavy rotation. (M. Bevis)

Enter The Grave
Earache Records
So these guys added an extra “e” to the end of “evil” and thought it would be cool to name their band that. How fucking retarded. How the fuck do you pronounce that? It doesn’t matter. They suck. Boring, re-hashed 80’s thrash metal. (Bobby Bergeron)

Into the Exam Room
Suburban Records
Ever since the breakup of Kyuss, vocalist John Garcia has had some trouble finding his place in the Rock-n-Roll landscape. He tried Slo-Burn, and it was a good fit, for about a minute. Then he formed Unida, who still churn out some desert heaviness every so often. But it’s with his most current and prolific outfit, Hermano, that Garcia has found his true voice. He still has that trademark bellow, and his voice has only grown grittier and serves as a perfect front for the group’s gutsy rock approach. Although this album finds the band exploring new musical territory with some softer passages, this is still a great album to rock the fuck out to, hands down. Not nearly as good as Kyuss, but close enough. (M. Bevis)

High On Fire
Death is this Communion
Relapse Records
High on Fire have really hit their stride on this, their fourth disc. “Death is this Communion” is raw, jagged, and furious; the heir apparent to the Motorhead throne. Hands down, this is their best performance on disc to date, and the band sound as if they have been fighting Sleestak in a cave for the last year or so. This is caveman, Paleolithic era ROCK that would fit right in as the soundtrack for any huge, mythic battle. This is what Thor listens to on his Ipod – yeah, the Norse god of thunder, that one. Buy this, or be left in the dust of flaming steeds, snorting ammonia for breath.(M. Bevis)

Pale Sketches
This is a selection of rare and unfinished cuts from Jesu, and as the title suggests, is more of a glimpse into the working process of their song structure. Unfinished pieces, tracks that didn’t make the cut onto other albums, and extras make up this very limited release, which was sold by J.K. Broadrick personally through his website. Essential for Jesu fans, as there some tracks on here that are eerily reminiscent of his later work with Godflesh, but this is still undeniably Jesu, as there is plenty of atmosphere. This release is concurrent with the other new Jesu, “Lifeline”, which is another great album as well. These tracks are decidedly more of a techno edge, but only in the production, not in some deficient disco-abused way. Some parts, although sparse and breathing, are bathed in effects, causing the whole disc to sound strangely futuristic. Hard to find, but so worth the search. (M. Bevis)

Moros Eros
Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity
Victory Records
I wish you really were dead. Your band sucks. (Bobby Bergeron)

Take Two
Translation Loss Records
Mellow rock that sounds like something leftover from the 90’s “alternative rock” era. I’m kinda diggin’ this. It’s definitely something to pop on when you’re up at 5 AM getting ready for work and haven’t had your coffee yet, which is where I’m at right now. (Bobby Bergeron)

Translation Loss Records
This is on the NeurIsis side of the metal spectrum. A heavy wall of textured melodies accompanied by roaring vocals. While lots of band seem to be picking up on this style, Rosetta does it perfectly and doesn’t come across as a second-rate knockoff. (Bobby Bergeron)

Phonetic Whips
Rustler is former members of 3 Louisiana bands: Hostile Apostle (Justin Giardina), Pigknuckle (Chris Courville)and Focus 21(Jason Caldarera) who ended up in Houston, TX and got together to make some instrumental metal. Instrumetal bands can be either be fun and interesting, throwing in little twists and turns to keep the listeners attention, or they can be flat out boring. Luckily, Rustler falls in the former category, writing tunes that stick in your head. Check ‘em out! (Bobby Bergeron)

IIIrd Gatekeeper
Crucial Blast Records
Since I’m not familiar at all with Skullflower, hearing this re-issue of an album that came out in 1992 is still fresh to my ears. While I pretty much trashed another album in a review last issue, this one sounds like a totally different beast altogether. They have a droney sludge sound this time instead of harsh noise. Heavy, crushing sludge amid guitar noise and feedback. Damn I wish I’d have heard this when it was originally released. It would’ve totally change my world just 16 years earlier! (Bobby Bergeron)

Justus Ex Fide Vivit
Southern Lord
That’s what the music world needs… another Satanic black metal band. I happened to open the booklet to this one and saw the most profound lyrics ever: “I am standing in the naked forest/And worship the clean ones!/ They smell nice, I have to take a shower”.
(Bobby Bergeron)

Thousands Will Die
Demo 2007
GRRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Furious blasting chaos from this Bay Area grindcore band! 9 songs on this cd which clocks in at just over 3 minutes! The longest song on here is 43 seconds long! Excellent! (Bobby Bergeron)

Voodoo Shock
Marie’s Sister’s Garden
Exile On Mainstream Records
Doomy rock that is very Black Sabbath influenced, but then again what isn’t? While there is nothing out of the ordinary here: slow down tuned riffage with soulful vocals, it’s very well done. Fans of St. Vitus, Cathedral and of course Black Sabbath should dig this. (Bobby Bergeron)

War From A Harlot’s Mouth
Lifeforce Records
This is pretty “intense“. And “crazy“. And they sound like lots of other “intense”, “crazy” bands that I’ve heard that don’t want to be called “metalcore”. If you like Dillinger Escape Plan, then you‘ll probably like this. (Bobby Bergeron)

Crucial Blast Records
This is just… weird. This cd starts out with a happy dreamy rock song, then everything after that is just odd psychedelic noisiness. I can’t listen to much of this without skipping to the next song. I could’ve gone the restof my life without hearing this band. (Bobby Bergeron)

Wolves In The Throne Room
Two Hunters
Southern Lord
Black metal. Raw and aggressive. Though there’s nothing less-than-typical about their sound, they manage to keep my attention with some searing guitar work amid the blasting and high screeching. This didn’t convert me to black-metaldom or whatever it would be called, but I probably won’t be throwing this in the neighbor’s yard for their dog to chew on. (Bobby Bergeron)

Defective Epitaph
Hydra Head
I had never heard this band before, and was so ready to trash this cd, writing it off as another one-man black metal crapterpiece, then was just totally pulled into the whole gloomy atmosphere. Grim passages of desolation and despair. For the most parts the songs are slow paced and doomy with raw screeched vocals with a sub-standard production which just adds to the whole experience. Damn, I wish I hadn’t kept this stashed away at the bottom of the cd pile for so long! (Bobby Bergeron)