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A Perfect Murder
Strength Through Vengeance
O.k., so this sound was perfected by Exhorder, watered down by Pantera then re-done time and time again by bands like this. This is like the retarded clone that keeps bumping into walls and shit in that dumb Michael Keaton movie “Multiplicity”. Don’t waste your time or money… this is shit. Since I don‘t consider myself a Pantera fan in the least , I’m going to be tossing this cd across the room in 3... 2... 1.….

Hyperrealist or
Well, it’s happened. Iron Maiden style guitar harmonies have invaded doom-y apocalyptic metal/hardcore. This is amazing! Combine His Hero Is Gone and Isis with the aforementioned Iron Maiden style guitar harmonies here and there, and you’ve got one hell of a band. If you’re into Rwake, Pelican, or any of the aforementioned bands, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like this.

Escape Artist
Collapsar, hailing from Lafayette, LA, is a 3 piece band (2 guitarists, one drummer) playing intricate instrumental metal that takes you on a bumpy ride through space in a jalopy of a starship… shifting and swaying, stopping and starting, jumping all over the fuckin’ place. The ride smooths out here and there, then they’re back to dodging meteor showers and stuff…..

Finger Of god
Release The Wolves
Mookie Dog or
Ambient, instrumental metal along the lines of Pelican and Isis(if Isis didn‘t have vocals that is) featuring members of The Dead See. You missed this band at Dixie Taverne. In fact, this was the last Paranoize show at Dixie Taverne. And you weren’t there. You suck. Make it up to the band by buying this cd. It’s fuckin’ beautiful.

CATCHY stoner rock from Atlanta, GA. These dudes know how to write a song! This is along the lines of Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age. These dudes just straight up ROCK! The vocalist reminds me a lot of Jonah from Only Living Witness. And if the blazing guitar solos aren’t enough, this cd also includes excellent covers of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” and Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker”.

Given To Ground
Whoa! This is ex-members of Icepick Revival, Pigknuckle and One Common voice doing chaotic metal that falls somewhere between Mastodon, Botch and Isis and of course there’s a big Icepick Revival influence here as can be expected. Somber chaos. This is an advance cdr of their upcoming cd, which should be out soon.

In Tomorrow’s Shadow
Displaying The Elegy
One Eye or
This is a fairly young band in the NOLA scene that plays violent metalcore that borders on mid-paced death metal. Riffs that go for the throat with intense breakdowns and blastbeats thrown in here and there backing visciously growled vocals. Fuckin’ brutal.

The Junior Varsity
Wide Eyed
Victory Records
I remember there was a time that I’d get excited about getting a package from Victory Records. Bloodlet, Deadguy, Cause For Alarm, Integrity, All Out War, hell even Hatebreed would grace my ears and give me my loud angry music fix. When someone said “hardcore” I immediately thought of Victory Records. This hasn’t happened in awhile. All Victory has been releasing as of late is shitty metalcore and even shittier emo. Oh yeah.. The review…file this one under “shitty emo”.

King Louie One Man Band
Chinese Crawfish
King Louie, who you may know of from his past/present musical endeavors (such as the Royal Pendletons, the Persuaders, the Headwoundz, Kajun SS, Bad Times and Condor) does it all on this album: guitar, vocals, bass drum, cowbell, and harmonica. And yes, he pulls this off live as well. New Orleans garage punk done by one man alone. Lunatic or creative genius? Or both? Give this a listen and decide for yourself.

Organized Hostility/Continent Of Ash
Split 7”
Camp Fury
I haven’t really paid much attention to Organized Hostility in the last couple of years, because I didn’t really care for them the few times I saw them. If their song on this split is any indication of what they’re doing nowadays, I will insert my foot into my mouth as soon as I’m done typing this review. They’ve removed all of the “nu-metal” elements and are playing much heavier, pummeling metal.
Continent Of Ash combines erratic riffing with vocals that get a little too melodic for my tastes. Still, this isn’t horrible.

Ritual Killer
Upon The Threshold Of Hell
Bloated Goat
This is Sammy Duet (Goatwhore) Zak Nolan (ex-Goatwhore) and Jordan Barlow (ex-Cancer Patient). Raw, evil, crushing black metal! No keyboards or silly theatrics… just total mayhem (no pun intended).

Sour Vein
Emerald Vulture
This Dark Reign
Sour Vein lives! T-roy Medlin has assembled another new line-up and this is the first installment of 3 ep‘s that will be released on this label. Straight up sludge that falls somewhere between Buzzov*en and St. Vitus. Words can’t describe how fucking heavy this is.

Black One
Dismal, ambient droning noise With some black metal thrown in. This is pretty boring. I’ve never understood why people have such a hard on for this band. I guess I just don’t “get it.”

Weaken The Adversary
Burn Me Alive
Brutal metal with harsh vocals (that go to a clean style here and there, but not so much that it gets annoying) and very impressive guitar work. Holy shit is this band tight!

Southern Rock From The North
HELL YEAH! Damn good fun, beer drinkin’, whiskey swiggin’ heavy rock with a southern groove along the lines of Scissorfight in a to-the death steel cage match with Clutch. ROCK!

Various Artists
Gulf Coast Massacre LP
Psycho Wolf
This is a 12” vinyl LP featuring past and present punk/hardcore bands from Louisiana, Texas and Florida! Included are tunes from Reason Of Insanity, The Pallbearers, Die Rotzz, Murder-Suicide Pact, Krullur, Insect Warfare, Pretty Little Flower, Filthy Habits, Killswitch and more. Excellent comp. of total hardcore annihilation.

Various Artists
Lewd Conduct
The Terroroptics crew has released this compilation which is a fine mix of punk, metal, hardcore, and surf rock bands from Louisiana. Bands included are: the Pallbearers, Die Rotzz, Reason Of Insanity, Mangina, Daisy, the Scripts, the Headwoundz, Kajun SS, Scrotesque and more.