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Welcome to The Way It Was. Here I will be sharing songs, flyers, etc. from ye olde days of tape trading. Sometimes it'll be an mp3 mix that I throw together, other times entire demo/album. I'm doing this to share a bit of my past with the rest of you, and it's FREE. I'm not making a dime off of this. Most of the tracks you will hear are rare or hard to find.

If any bands that appear on this site don't want your music featured, let me know and I'll take it down immediately.

I originally planned to leave each volume up for a month, but I will now keep all of this up as space permits. When I need to clear them out to make room for new material, I'll let you all know.
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I've added a section at the bottom where I've scanned and uploaded 'zines from the 80s and 90s that were either based in New Orleans or the general area and/or featured a lot of New Orleans area bands. Click on the cover and the .PDF will open in a new tab or window!
I will eventually be totally revamping this part of the site and putting all of the demos as .zip files instead of individual files with the cover art included.

While this section has been abandoned for years, I have started a new version of The Way It Was on blogspot that features entire demo downloads with cover art, and interviews with the bands!
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The Thrashcore Years(1989-1991)
These are out-of-town bands that I discovered while I was publishing my first 'zine, Thrashcore.
This is a mix of tracks from demos that I got through the mail (either sent for review, or I ordered from the bands)or bought at a show. This list is in alphabetical order because I couldn't think of any other way to put it all together.

Academy Black-Dark Horse (Houston, TX)
Avarice-Volition(Washington, DC)
Dead Horse-World War Whatever(Houston, TX)
Deceased-Birth By Radiation(Arlington, VA)
Devastation-Massive Devastation(Corpus Christi-TX)
Dishonored Youth-Terra Cotta(San Antonio, TX)
Dream Death-Back From The Dead(Pittsburgh, PA)
Dr. Shrinker-Tools Of The Trade(Madison, WI)
Exmortis-Casual Killing(Maryland)
Exoteracy-Where's God's Luv?(California)
Functional Idiots-Cruel Trend(New York, NY)
Identity Crisis-Night Prowler(California)
Immolation-Immolation(New York, NY)
Impetigo-Heart Of Illinois(Peoria, IL)
Morbid Scream-Morbid Scream(Dallas, TX)
Sedition-Necessary Evils(Dallas, TX)
Skeletal Earth-Fat Maggot(Huntsville, AL)
Smoldering Remains-Gotta Be More(Peoria, IL)
Splatterreah-Septic Bowel Discharge(Houston, TX)
Trusty-Bitter(Little Rock, AR)

This is when thrash metal, death metal, grindcore, metalcore, etc. was still relatively uncharted territory. There were no rules. These bands were writing the rules!
Some of them went on to bigger, better things while others just faded into obscurity.

Hawg Jaw-Disconnected demo (1997)
This is Hawg Jaw's 2nd demo, released in 1997.
This line up features: Mike Dares-vocals, Gary Mader-guitar, Miguel Rincon-bass, Chris Bailey-drums

No Mas
The Smothering
Bite Back
Crime Heals All Wounds

Rude Awakening-Live at the Jefferson Lions Home 4/14/1990
This show was taped on a boom box in the back of the Jefferson Lions Home. The sound quality is pretty awful, but I wanted to share this regardless.
The lineup here was: Chris Jewett-vocals, Michael Howes-guitar, John Rincon-guitar, Tony Salisbury-bass, Damien Howes-drums
3/5 of this band went on to form Mule Skinner

Dance Of The Leatherface/Birth Of Evil
Confessions Of A Lunatic
Wolf In Priest's Clothing
Civil Justice

Aftershock-tracks from demo 1989
Aftershock formed from the ashes of Shell Shock after Hatch Boy's suicide, and eventually evolved into Crowbar.
These are tracks that I saved from a couple of different WTUL (91.5 fm) metal show recordings. This is not the complete demo, and since this was taped off of the radio, the sound quality isn't so great.
The lineup on this recording was: Kirk Windstein-vocals/guitar, Kevin Noonan-guitar, Mike Savoie-bass, Jimmy Bower-drums
Feeding Fear
Crowned In Thorns
Invisible Tattoo

New Orleans:
Acid Bath-What A Drag demo (1985) punk/hardcore
Armed Response-Mad At The World (1989) hardcore
Brain Dead-88 demo metal/hardcore
Blatant Frustration-'86 (or '87) demo hardcore/thrash
Catch 22-Grown In The Gutter demo(1988) punk/hardcore
Crawlspace-Live@Jefferson Lions Home 10/31/89 thrash metal
Disappointed Parents-Am I Getting Through 7" (1983)
Destitute Savior-'89 demo thrash metal
Elimination-Process Of Elimination demo (1989) thrash metal
Exhorder-Get Rude demo (1986) thrash metal
Graveyard Rodeo-Realms Of The Undead demo (1984) punk/hardcore/metal
Graveyard Rodeo-Live at Muddy Waters (8/24/88) punk/hardcore/metal
Haate-A Taste Of Hate demo (1989)thrash metal
Incubus-Supernatural Death demo (1987) thrash/death metal
Incubus-Live @ the VFW Hall 8/28/87thrash/death metal
Incubus-Serpent Temptation LP(1988 w/Scot Latour on vocals)thrash/death metal
Manic Depressives-Silence On The Radio 7" (1980) punk Mass Corruption-'89 demo hardcore
Nuclear Crucifixion-Killing Ourselves To Live demo (1987)thrash metal/hardcore
Nuclear Crucifixion-Torture Of Humanity demo (1988) thrash metal
Razor White-'87 demo.htmlmetal
ShellShock-Lost And Found cassette (1983)punk/hardcore
Shell Shock-No Holds Barred 7" (1986) punk/hardcore
ShellShock-Whites Of Their Eyes LP (1986) hardcore
ShellShock-More Gore LP (1987) hardcore
ShellShock-No Tomorrow excerpts (1988) hardcore/thrash metal
ShellShock-live at Storyville Jazz Hall 7/15/1988 (w/ Kirk Windstein on vocals/guitar) hardcore/thrash metal
Sluts-12 Inches Of Sluts LP(1982) punk.
Soilent Green-the Glenn Rambo years (1989-1993) thrash/death metal/grindcore
Spoiled Brats-Think For Yourself demo (1988) hardcore
Suffocation By Filth-'85 demo hardcore
Suicidal Overdose-We Don't Care What You Think demo (1988) hardcore/thrash
Valkyrie-'87 demo metal
Various Artists-Louisiana Punk 1980 to 1983 (MP3 mix) punk/hardcore
Various Artists-New Orleans 80-89 MP3 Mixpunk/hardcore/metal
Abuse-Gruesome Tales of Sex and Sickness demo(1995) (brutal metal)
Andon-s/t 7" (1995)punk/hardcore
Destitute Savior-Exhumed demo (1993)death metal
Dulac Swade-s/t 7" (1996) punk/hardcore
Dulac Swade-s/t 7" (1997) punk/hardcore
Graveyard Rodeo-'92 rehearsal tapedoom/sludge metal
Hangnail-'92 demo grindcore
Indignation-'96 demo metalcore
Infection-Live at The Jungle (1994)death metal
Lymph Vessel-'96 demo metal/sludge/hardcore
No Destination-Telecaneph demo (1990) funk/punk/metal/"other"
Nut-Shit Rock 7" (1997) metal/"other"
Paralysis-Plegia demo (1990)death metal
Paralysis-Promo '91 death metal
Second Hand-Sweet Pickle Dreams demo (1998)punk/hardcore
Skab-Restrainer demo (1992)hardcore/sludge
Soilent Green-the Glenn Rambo years (1989-1993)thrash/death metal/grindcore
Stressball-Above The Surface demo (1997) thrash/doom/sludge metal
Sudden Relapse-'92 demo thrash metal
Various Artists-New Orleans Scene:Allow No Downfall 7"(1991)(Detrimentz/S.I.K./Soilent Green/Slugs) hardcore/thrash/death metal/sludge
Various Artists- New Orleans 90-94 MP3 Mixthrash/death metal/hardcore/sludge
Various Artists- New Orleans 95-99 MP3 Mixdeath metal/hardcore/punk/rock/"other"

Outside of New Orleans:
Academy Black-1989 demo thrash metal
Apocalypse-Earth 7" (California, 1991)thrash metal/crust/hardcore
C.F.I.- '88 demo (Connecticut, 1988) thrash metal/hardcore
Cross Fade-Ruined demo (New York, 1992)death metal
Crucial Change-War In Your Head 7" (Alabama, 1989) hardcore Feid-Within The Cell demo (Mississippi, 1997) death metal
Geneticide-Circle Of Insult demo (Pennsylvania, 1988)punk/metal/hardcore/thrash
Scum Of The Earth-Introduction To Filth (Texas, 1989)punk/metal/hardcore/thrash
Terata-Triumvirate demo (Illinios, 1992)death metal
Various Artists-Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7: Noise Forest (1989) (Insted, SNFU, Brotherhood, Uniform Choice, Mass Appeal) hardcore
Various Artists-Voices Of A Red God (1990)(Dead Horse, Academy Black, Soilent Green, Crawlspace, Basilisk, Dark Reign)thrash/death/hardcore/metal

A Collection of Rare/hard to find cover tunes(Armed Response, Detrimentz, Hawg Jaw, Black Flag, Cro Mags, Day Glo Abortions) hardcore/punk

80's/early 90's NOLA flyers

Stuff I've put on YouTube